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Viofo A119S Dashcam V2 $104 (OOS), Viofo A129 Duo IR Dual Dash Cam $183.20 + Del ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


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  • 4K A129 being released soon:

    I'm holding out for that one!

    • This will be a game changer!

    • Didn't realise this was coming out! My A119s will have to hold on a little longer then =D

    • Will 4k kill SD cards even quicker or can it be mitigated somehow?

      • If anything, those Samsung Pro Endurance cards have worked a treat

        • +1 - I'm going to upgrade to the Viofo from a Blackvue DR650S 2CH and it chewed through memory cards every few months (you name it - I've probably tried it). The Endurance I have in it now has lasted 6 months or so, fingers crossed!

        • running a samsung pro endurance 128gb at the moment on the A129 duo, no issues and records about 2-3 days (hardwired including parking mode with 5fps)

          The other card that worked without issue is the lexar high endurance cards.

          Transcend and Sanddisk didnt last long in the A119S - also I dont recommend getting the A119S had front and back, the GPS connector becomes loose over time in the Australian sun

          • @me4president: A big thing to consider with the new 4K model is it chews approximately twice the power in parking mode. Ok if you have aux battery but not so friendly on your car battery! Granted that even at twice the power consumption it’s still not that bad at say 3 or 5 FPS.
            I love my A129 duo highly recommended.

          • @me4president: Hey
            Do you know if a SanDisk extreme pro or a Samsung Evo plus will work with the A129 duo?

          • @me4president:

            the GPS connector becomes loose over time in the Australian sun

            Probably explains why my A119 V2 sometimes would reboot on its own while on the road. Bought it just over a year ago.

            • @ashtyn: @ashtyn, yeah had the same problem, there is a temporary solution which is either plug it directly to camera or use a zip tie in between the gps connector and camera (on the side without the power connectors) and cut off the extra amount left over on the zip tie.

              I turned off my screensaver - and my screen died in a year, so thought best to replace it haha

              @deveshwar0 I replied to your question below

      • Will any of these cards be a good option for the A129 duo?

        SanDisk extreme pro!3030!AU!-1

        Samsung Evo plus!3030!AU!-1

        • I use a 256GB Samsung Evo and it works really well on my A129 duo. Records the front and inside of my car and it can hold days of footage (I am a part time uber driver so record all of my trips for my security).

          1 month or so in and still solid.

        • The only thing I would be worried about is how long the card would last - based on the samsung high endurance pro 128gb card (stated recording time of 5 years of recording if continuous).
          Note this is still paired with 10,000 rewrite cycles that samsung evo plus has as well, however the strain of constant rewrites through use of a dashcam seem to destroy memory cards sooner. It really comes down to how often you may want to replace a memory card - I think if it lasts 2 years should be worth it.

          From experience I've had Sanddisk cards die within 1-3months with use on Dashcams.

          my recommendation is the samsung high endurance pro 128gb, its also covered by warranty if it fails.

    • Good to know, thanks! I will hold on for A129 Pro, the review looks very interesting.

    • it just the prototype they were testing,by the time it reaches here would most likely early next year.but it seems already impressing and blows the blackvue away in so many ways.

    • Oh no, looks like they haven't fixed the dual mini USB placement on the side, my only gripe with a129. It makes one of the cable bent awkwardly and the 3.5mm audio port completely obscured.

  • Are these Australian stock?

  • It seems the dual cam one is intended for the secondary cam to be used as an internal camera - I'm not interested at all in recording me picking my nose for the cops, but I would love a rear facing camera instead.

    If 'Dual dash cam' isn't what I'm looking for, what should I be googling instead? Do I just buy a second front facing cam and install it in the back?

    • I just have two of the same front facing camera and yes stick one facing out the back

    • Viofo a129 duo is the other one.
      IR camera is to record inside the car.
      A129 comes with second camera which you can hook in ur rear side of the car.

    • viofo do have a A129 duo front and rear camera, that was on sale a few months ago

    • a129 duo IR is just as good as recording inside as to recording rear traffic,just added infrared to enchance the extreme dark condition for these who wants to record inside the car,if u do not want the infrared lights to light up during night, they can be easily turned off in the Manu.lot of videos on youtube that esplaining this function. they are more expensive than the normal a129 duo and i reckon this price is indeed a great bargain price if you need dual camera set up.

    • The duo is good for ride share.

    • Specs on the "rear" (A129 duo) and "interior" (A129 duo IR) cams appear to be the same. Basically they've whacked the infrareds on the rear cam and widened the viewing angle by 20 degrees.

      On the Viofo site it shows 3 installation methods - #3 has the interior cam pointing out the back.

      Was confusing initially but (as Jonnytheblack said) this one is just as good for front and rear cam combo, just has an extra feature in case you want to use it for recording inside. Thanks OP, was hanging out for a deal on the A129 :)

      • Thanks heaps for clearing that up. Got mine delivered yesterday and shat my pants thinking I bought the "wrong" model. I hope I can go a ahead and assemble the same.

  • Already have the A119S. Can I buy the rear camera on its own?

  • My mini review is go for it.

    Spent a year reviewing which way to go and decided on the 119s. Paid roughly the same and also went with the Samsung endurance card.

    They work well.
    Approx $120 to professionally hard wire install and works flawlessly. Also have the car park setting enabled for the nudge sensor.

    Fitted them to three cars and used one bit of footage already!

    For a $250 odd round trip do it!

    Looked into the rear also but decided against it. Good luck!

  • Do these have a reversing camera? Can anyone advise me on these?

    • I think the idea is you mount a second camera at the rear, and you can review what you reverse over later.

  • Viofo A119S OOS :(

  • I have installed two A129Duo in different cars , both work as charm!

    Very interestingly , I have regular sandisk in both of them and after 4 months , absolutely no issue.

    Just make sure firmware is updated

  • Devastated I missed this deal.

  • The A129 model is still in stock.

  • I'm assuming you can run the A129 without the second camera plugged in?

  • Shoppingsquare has increased the price of the A129 Duo to $239, making it $191.20 after applying coupon.

  • How does this compare the the Mini 0906 dashcam? Anyone compared them? Was originally looking at those, but these Viofo get good reviews also.

    • mini 0906 is entry level twin channel camera whereas A129 nomally gets compared to high end blackvue dr900 4k camera,especially the new updated firmware enabled buffered parking mode which makes this best for money on the market right now.

  • Reviews look good, and I've been wanting a dash cam for a while. Ordered one and will need to find someone to do a professional install in Melbourne for me.

  • A119S is back in stock now