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Panasonic 32L Microwave: Black ST665BQPQ $183.20 Delivered @ Myer eBay


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    I think I had this microwave before I moved. Fantastic thing, preferred it over my mother's now 30 years old carousel microwave (which still works flawlessly I guess)


      What makes an expensive micro microwave worth it?
      I've never had one that cost more than 70 bucks

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        The big expensive ones can usually fit 2 cats inside. The cheaper ones are smaller so maybe only 1 cat.

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        Not much to be honest.
        A good inverter microwave had the ability to operate at a lower power level legit. As in you can set it to 800w if needed, and it'll perform as such.

        Other microwaves, when you adjust the power level, simply turn off periodically. A.k.a 50% power will heat for 10 seconds, then do nothing for 10 seconds, then heat…

        SO! If needed you can actually cook slower. Might be useful if following directions with a 1200w microwave when you're given 800w figures.

        However, it's pretty much not worth it. A microwave is for rapid getting.
        Get one that doesn't have an overly complicated startup.

        Best microwaves have a number pad. You enter the seconds your want and hit start, or just press start to get 1 minute.
        The worst microwaves (Samsung) require you to press the microwave button, then set the time in 30 second intervals, to then choose the power level, then press start.

        Sharp carousel. That's the microwave to buy, everything else is shit or a wank

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          Damn man, you're as good as Jack Donaghy.

          I have a crappy one that makes me you go through a couple of steps before the cooking starts.

          I'll check out the sharp next time I see a special


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          I just got a microwave with a knob. I just turn that and press start. I prefer that to a number pad in some circumstances. Obviously I can also just hit start a few times to kick it off, which is essential IMHO.