KFC App Hidden Charges When Paying through App

Has anyone else noticed on the app that the price increases from the payment screen to the checkout screen by $0.45.

Screenshot of last order

When I looked back at order history it has happened multiple times.

It does not say why it’s been added…I asked KFC and was told it was an IT error and offered me two free frozen drinks.

I wonder how many people have been charged without realising?

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  • I've had problems with both KFC and McDonalds apps. KFC changed location randomly which resulted in the order going to the wrong store. McDonalds charged me twice for the same order.

    • I've had issues with the Maccas app charging me for orders and then going up to the counter and them saying they didn't get it. I've had it happen 3-4 times now over the last 16 months of using it. Sometimes I will need to argue with the manager and he will finally honour the order, other times I have to contact head office and painstakingly send screenshots, times, dates locations etc

      • I would keep using the McDonalds app if there was a way to pay at the counter / drive thru, but they've made it app only so whatever.

        I still use the KFC app because I haven't lost any money on it yet, because you can pay in store.

      • This happened to my KFC order that was placed on the app. Completely disappeared from their system. Had to show them the email and the order history.

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    I think we need a royal commission into mobile apps


    Just checked my order history and it doesn't show the total cost of the order. It just shows the individual prices which are all correct.

    What did you order?

  • Yes, I've had this happen to me. I was charged about $4 more than I was expecting (since I didn't notice the price increase at the checkout page). Submitted a complaint and eventually got some store credit to compensate (about a month later). I was told on Tuesday that it is an IT issue and it will be fixed in the next version of the app.

    • Same store credit, or free drinks as per op, is total bs for an overcharge. They should be giving nothing less than a refund of the extra amount and for pr reasons they also add something extra


        I don't think OP was overcharged. $1.00 GST is correct for a $10.95 spend.

        The fact that the app shows a wrong subtotal is the IT issue.

        OP, please tell us what you ordered, and if it showed as $10.50 or $10.95 on the order page.

  • You missed the real deal:

    and offered me two free frozen drinks.

    Two KFC Frozen Drinks for $0.45!

  • damn never noticed, always trusted the app .. has this always happened since the first release of the app? or just recently?

  • Hidden charges to pay for secret menu items.

    • Secret menu…. go to menu screen in iPhone app, pull down as if you are refreshing the page and hold until the secret menu appears.

  • Yes I have noticed when I use the app, at random times there is a mismatch between the prices in the app and the menu prices in store. Around 50 cents higher. Usually just order at the counter when this happens. It pretty easy to spot if you have a favourite meal or go to order.

  • Went back through my history and mine in WA have all been the correct price. A useful guide for when the Doctor asks what my how likely my lifestyle is to result in Diabetes.

  • The only problem I have with the app is that staff at multiple stores can't read their screens.

    Sauce? Missed everytime. Drinks? Missed most of the time. Burger in a combo? Yeah that's been forgotten a few times.

    Worst part is this happens in and out of rush hour.

    • I practice vocal warm-up techniques such as trills or scales in the car on my way to the store.

      This helps me prepare for the verbal onslaught of abuse I plan to inflict on the young teenager who does not provide me with the requested super-charged sauce I clearly asked for on the app.

      For me, chicken is an emotional experience.

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