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Sony MDR-Z7M2 High End Closed Headphones $438 Delivered @ Addicted to Audio


One of Sony high end wired headphone.


Weight: 340 g
Headphone type: Closed, dynamic (circum-aural)
Driver unit: 70 mm, dome type (CCAW Voice Coil)
Magnet: Neodymium
Impedance: 56 ohms at 1 kHz
Diaphragm: Aluminum-coated LCP diaphragm
Frequency Response: 4 Hz - 100,000 Hz
Sensitivity (DB/MW): 98 dB / mW
Cable type: Detachable Y type
Cord length: Headphone cable (Approx. 3 m (118 1 / 8 in) , silver-coated OFC strands, Gold-plated stereo mini plug) , Balanced-connection Headphone cable (Approx. 1.2 m (47 1 / 4 in) , silvercoated OFC strands, L-shaped gold plated balanced standard plug)
Plug: Headphone cable (Gold-plated stereo mini plug) , Balanced-connection headphone cable (L-shaped gold plated balanced standard plug)
Wearing style: Circum-aural

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Addicted To Audio
Addicted To Audio

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  • Wow, nice discount.

  • Wonder if the sony store will match the price, to use the Amex $500 , get $150 back offer

    Gave it a shot

    • Confirmed it worked,

      Price matched and used amex cashback Total $517 ($438 + 79 (bluetooth speaker))

  • Zeos wasn’t happy with them, so maybe not an audiophile experience.


    • +1


      Another in-depth review from an Aussie reviewer, should you suffer motion sickness from watching Z Reviews like I do.

      • Gotta love Lachlan. One of the few audio reviewers that I actually trust the opinion of. For those who don't know he makes short reviews on the minidisc channel now, it's worth checking out.

        Measurements for the z7m2 are available on sbaf (sourced from a Korean site), and actually look alright, so there's that to consider as well.

        I think at this price these would be great if you know you like the new Sony sound signature, and wanted something really comfy for long listening sessions at home while being an upgrade soundwise from something like the wh1000xm3.

    • Zeos is untrustworthy.

  • An extra 10-15% for this product would make it more enticing. Build quality looks to be awesome. For me, it's hard to justify this cans when you have lots of options from the Drop store.

    • Drop store?

      • Assuming he means drop.com, formerly Massdrop. They have a lot of well regarded headphones there. Everything has to ship from the US though, which is a pain, and whether or not warranty is provided depends from item to item.

      • Yes, formerly known as Massdrop. It's now just Drop.

        • +1

          Yikes, awful name change.

          • @Merlict: LOL, sounds weird right. but you should check them our for good audiophile gears. Too bad our AUD is on the weaker side, or else it would be more of a bargain getting from there. Well, it's still a bargain considering the prices here locally.

            • @Volution: I think the opposite, I signed up a few weeks ago just to see the prices & what they had. Prices were still too high on the products I looked at. And you have to add to that delivery / GST.
              Plus you have to send it back for warranty etc.
              Also I chose the minimal email settings, and they have been flooding my inbox with an emails multiple times a week.

              Only real benefit is getting the ‘drop’ exclusive products only available on drop, if that’s what you want.
              For this reason alone I am willing to keep my account.

              • @thebadmachine: Most definitely more so for their drop exclusives like the 7xx or hd6xx which will cost $500 plus here locally for the hd650. But in saying so, i just bought the koss kph30i a couple days ago for around $40ish delivered. They are selling it for $70Aud here. Even with our weak dollar it's still a bargain buying fron Drop :)

                • @Volution: Yeah I had trouble finding any products I was specifically interested in. Then had a browse and discovered that the selection was quite limited (a lot of listings were out of stock / sold out / express interest).

                  • @thebadmachine: You must find the gear that you are after and then click on the request button. If they are lots of demand, they will bring it back. But unpopular ones they might bring it back once awhile. Just need to be patient i guess.

                    • @Volution: Yeah my expectations were probably too high. I thought they were a much bigger seller with huge discounts due to the popularity / hype.
                      Instead I think it’s a bit more niche where they bring back ‘classics’ or discontinued models at reasonable prices, and sell a few other selected common products as well.

            • @Volution: I try not to look at Massdrop so I'm not tempted by mechanical keyboards and stuff :P

              • @Merlict: Speaking of keyboards, i'm waiting for the K7xx in the MiTo's pulse key cap colour. I probably buy the set just to have it matched up on my desk. But you are right, i didn't have the urgency of buying new gear but after looking at it, my GAS(gear acquire syndrome) is on overdrive.

    • Drop is garbage. Objectively bad build quality is why they price their products so low.

  • Price has been further reduced to $438. You can also get an additional $10 off by signing up to their email newsletter.

    • Updated. Thanks.

  • For IEM lovers, they also have the Sony IER-M7 for sale for $549 AUD which is $371 USD! While it initially might not seem like a huge discount, US MSRP for the IER-M7 is actually $800 USD (Sony under-priced Australia with it set at a conversion rate of 1.125 pricing it at $900 AUD MSRP whereas it should be ~$1200 after 1.38 conversion rate last year and 10% tax). 1 less BA than the M9 which is often touted as an alternative to the beloved Andromedas.

    • To be fair I think Sony AU adjusts pricing for the market here. The WH-1000XM3’s are known to cost more in the US and Europe. Australia gets prices lower than after conversion. So we have been getting better prices for certain products at least.

      • Not exactly sure why they adjust the pricing in such a favourable manner though when Canada for example, has the IER-M7 at $1000 CAD & IER-M9 at $2000 CAD (add on 10-14% tax for all provinces except for one with 5% tax) when it's $900 & $1700 AUD here (~$818 and ~$1545 before 10% GST). Market size is probably similar but buying power is higher in AU with higher base wages. It's not like shipping costs are lower to Australia and grey market doesn't really exist for such high end IEMs here considering eBay prices are just as absurd after GST is factored in.

    • Also worth noting that a few months ago the IER-M9 and IER-Z1R were also on sale for about half price. So for those with their eyes on those models it could be worth waiting it out instead of jumping on the M7 now, depending on how big the upgrade is perceived to be.

      • How much were they in AUD? $1100 and $1600?

        • +1

          From memory the M9 was $999 and the Z1R $1600. This was during their 'sony sale' earlier this year. I was pretty tempted by the M9 but decided against getting yet more headphones in the end.

          • @snep: Dang….I paid $1100 for the M9 last week, would've been interested to add just $500 for the Z1R. Never see these deals posted on OzBargain until months later in random posts like yours lol.

            • @Satirical: Ah well, 1100 is still a great price for the M9. I didn't post anything myself at the time since thought I saw a post on the Sony sale deal already, but looking back I think it was just mentioning the 1000xm3 and not the other stuff like iems.

              • @snep: I don't think Sony has discounted the IER Z1R at all and pretty sure it was excluded from the sale

                • @paraneoplastic: Those addicted to audio sales are funny things… I check them fairly regularly and often there are a lot more items on sale during the first 24 hours or so for some reason. This was definitely true of the recent father's day sale for example. I'm quite sure I did see the Z1R for sale earlier this year (I went through a whole thought process about buying one at the time) but I wouldn't be surprised if that discount only lasted for a day or so.

                  • @snep: If it was there, that would've been a great price for them. 1.6k new is a very good 'deal'

                  • @snep: I was about to buy IER-Z1R off Sony store with AMEX over $500 -$150 offer. Are you sure addict to audio was selling this for half price before? Not MDR over ear one? They said they only had small discount on in ear Z1R before.

                    • @zhoupc: Well if you've talked to them directly then I'd believe what they said. It's certainly possible that either I was mistaken or there was a brief pricing error online - hopefully it's the latter and I'm not going nuts.

  • I keep on looking at these and listening to the sound demo by that Bert YouTube channel the some treble is completely missing compared to the z1r so just can pull the trigger even with the enticing price.

    Makes me question the headphones based as cannot see them in person.

  • Price has gone up to $538, probably need to update or close deal.

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