Only 2.8% Cashrewards after Dell XPS Purchase [SOLVED]

I bought a Dell XPS 15 through cashrewards and have only been given the 2.8% and not the 10% as advertised on the cashrewards site.

I clicked straight through, uBlock off etc, made the purchase yesterday (not via outlet store) as part of their up to 40% off sale and this morning I notice I've been duped the 10% and only been given 2.8%

Has anyone else experienced this during this offer?

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    Did you try to contact cashrewards and what was their response? Or TA is here on ozb and he can sort this out or clarify for you.

    • I can't submit an enquiry yet because they require an invoice to be uploaded, with Dell seem to send several days after taking the order. So until I get that, which will be past the offer period, I can't proceed via the enquiry form.

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    Dell is up to 10%…

    Cashback on Latitude: 4.9%
    Cashback on Vostro: 3.5%
    Cashback on Precision: 7.0%
    Cashback on Alienware: 10.0%
    Cashback on G Series: 7.0%
    Cashback on Inspiron: 6.3%
    Cashback on Monitors: 10.0%
    Cashback on XPS: 10.0%
    Standard Cashback: 2.8%
    Cashback on PowerEdge: 8.4%

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      Yeah thanks TA. I bought the XPS so I believed I would get 10% as per your comment.

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        Please ping me your CR email address and I'll look into this right away for you. Thanks.

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        All fixed. You should now have $247.15 in your account. Long story short, rates were not set up correctly at the affiliate end so they reported to us at default (standard cashback). Thanks for flagging. All sorted now :)

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          Great work. Thanks TA.

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