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Seresto Flea And Tick Collar For Dogs Over 8kg has been reduced to $14.99. Was $55

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    The active ingredients are pretty common and very cheap to source in bulk.

    This one uses Imidacloprid which is also used in Premise termite control.

    In my opinion, a much better flea treatment is Fipronil. It's available as an anti-termite brand called Termidor (or no-name brands in bulk on ebay), but you can also buy small 6 or 8ml packs at bunnings for about $8 to use for home garden (eg leafy vegetable) pest control, this tiny pack has a few years of flea-treatment doses for a large dog when diluted the right amount in a pump sprayer.

    Bonus is you have so much flea control spray you can literally spray everywhere your pet sleeps to quickly, cheaply and reliably eliminate those evil insects.


    Were $20ea on Amazon recently. Haven't used mine yet, making a natural spray with essential oils first.