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Free Delivery for 2 Orders @ Uber Eats


Greetings everyone, got this coupon sent to my email again this week with a new coupon.

Test it out in your app :)

As always, enjoy!

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  • 30secs faster than me :3 Got it as well, might be targeted

  • I got the same code

  • +6

    Always the bridesmaid…

  • it's been so long since i've had a code work for me. no cigar.

  • Thanks. Worked for me, even though I didn't receive the email.

    • Same.

  • +2

    Ofc these never work for me, although i normally take advantage of "Delivery Share" so guess it doesn't matter that much for me.

    • What is this delivery share you mention?

      • +3

        On the uber eats app (main tab)

        It says free delivery promotion listing specific stores every 5 minutes, also mentioning.

        "You're likely to share a delivery partner with a nearby order"

        (So basically once i view the app i close it and wait 5 minutes until new shops appear in the promotion, although sometimes it doesn't change)

        Don't know if this only occurs in suburbs where ubereats is common/busy.

        I have only shared an order maybe twice out of 10 orders.

        • +1

          only get 4 options per 5 minutes though so unless you are lucky getting the place you want its all about chance so this code is handy for the places you want i guess :)

          • @prankster: I have a few places i purchase from which appear commonly, however there is maccas close to where i live and they have never appeared so i assume they can opt out?

            • @Tehcookiemonsta: McDonald’s do not allow “double orders” as we call them. We can only ever collect one order at a time from McDonald’s, whereas most other restaurants will allow doubles.

              Source: Uber Eats driver.

  • Worked on two accounts.
    How about a %50 off or something it's been a while.

  • any one aware of any free food deals coming up like this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/477229 ??

    Cause free food + free delivery works like charm

  • I got the same code

  • I think they are luring customers to make more orders!! as the previous one expired last night. But somehow I was able to use it today afternoon.

  • My first ever code!

  • Worked for me

  • there is no option to put a code in on the uber eats website… and when i go to accounts it goes to the normal uber website where it does let me put a code in but says it does not work, even though i got the email for the code

    • Only way to do complaints without calling is also only on the app. So stupid.

      I am certain though that coupons used to be able to put on the desktop site, not now for me either.

    • Same for me, didn't work on the website but the code worked when I used it in the app. Thanks, OP

  • Worked for me even though I didn’t get an email. Thanks!

  • Works yay !

  • not working

  • Does not work for me. WA

    Darn it.

  • VIC, not working for me.

  • Nice, worked for me, pretty active account.
    No email

  • Not working for me

  • +1

    Can confirm it works..just used it to oder a cappuccino from Maccas! 😂

  • +2

    aint getting sent shit from them and wont let me apply it smh.

  • Worked for me!

  • Not working for me :(

  • worked for me

  • worked for me and didn't get an email :D

  • Got the email, applied the promo, everything fine. Went to use it today and it's gone. Expired already?

    • so sad. expire 30th ? would it not be midnight tonight ?

  • Tried to enter this again for my second order.

    It says I’ve already used it but I only used it once.

    It doesn’t say the code has expired.

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