Duplicate warning on expired deal

I don't post many bargains (long time listener, first time caller) but tried one tonight with the Breville Barista Express machine:

It would not let me submit as it said it is the same URL from this deal of 2 months ago which is expired:

I got around it by adding a slash to the URL but I am wondering why it would block a submission of a deal based on an old, expired deal? Does this only every mean one deal per URL? Is this by design? It didn't give me a "not duplicate" confirmation, just said that it already existed.


  • The 'Not Duplicate' checkbox is there, just a bit further down below the coupon code box:



    Yes that is what normally happens. The page I had was different though - it had a big red warning box with something like "Cannot post deal as URL already exists in this deal: (link to expired deal).

    No mention of duplicate tick box option and I could not see it. I thought there might have been a change in the way dupes were handled. I should have taken a screenshot but wasn't on the ball.

    Will see if it happens again.