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MYRYAD Z40: Class-A Headphone Amp / Pre-Amp $299 (OOS), ONKYO ES-HF300: On-Ear Headphones $129 Delivered @ Rio Sound & Vision


MYRYAD Z40: Class-A Headphone Amplifier / Pre-Amp $299 Delivered @ Rio Sound & Vision

£399 (~AUD$700) when released in the UK.
Notes: Two-stage gain. Knob controls pre-out volume as well as Headphone output. When headphones plugged in, pre-outs are disabled.
Has 2x 6.35mm Headphone (1/4inch) sockets.

British Designed
Compact and Stunning Design
3 Year Warranty Australia Wide

Inputs (4x RCA): CD/DAC, NET, Tuner, Phono
Maximum output level 32Ω load >= 4 Vrms (500 mW)
600Ω load >= 8 Vrms (107 mW)
Gain (at maximum volume) High: +14 dB
Low: +4 dB
Input impedance 20 kΩ
Frequency response (20Hz – 20kHz) ±0.1dB
THD (1 Vrms output into 32Ω) <=0.001%
Signal-to-Noise ratio (A weighted, ref. 1V rms output) High gain: 106 dB
Low gain: 115 dB
Output impedance Headphones outputs: <0.5 Ω
Line output: 75 Ω
Dimensions (w x h x d) 215 x 56 x 228mm
Finish Natural Silver fascia with Silver Grey casing
or Satin Black fascia with Black casing.
Warranty 3 Years Australia Wide

Photo: Rear of device.

ONKYO ES-HF300: On-Ear Headphones $129 Delivered @ Rio Sound & Vision

- New 40 mm Wide-Range Titanium Drivers for Clearer Sound
- Dual Chambers for Deep, Well-Defined Bass
- Tough Aluminum Driver Housing and Hanger Arms
- 6N Oxygen-Free Copper Cable Protects Signal for Pure Sound
- Detachable Cable for Easy Replacement
- Tough Elastomer Cable Sheath Resists Tangling and Reduces Touch Noise
- Gold-Plated MMCX and Mini-Stereo Connectors
- L-Shaped Reinforced Stereo Plug
- Folding Design for Portability
- Adjustable Padded Headband
- Comfortable and Stylish Leatherette Earpads
- Compatible with Most Media Players

Frequency Response: 10 Hz–27 kHz
Maximum Input Power: 1000 mW
Output Sound Pressure Level: 97 dB/mW
Nominal Impedance: 32 Ohms
Cable Length: 1.2 m (x1)
Weight (without cable): 240 g

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  • Please don't change my corrections to impedance specs. The unit is ohm (Ω), not watt (W). The specs on Rio S&V is wrong.

    • Sorry I copied and pasted the whole thing when I was denied the edit.
      Next time I will make sure to copy and paste just the part I am adding on.

      Thank you for your corrections.

  • …they sure like theyre pop ups on the rio site. very annoying

  • Not to do away with this deal (it seems a very good price), but I just want to add my 2c re a recent headphone amp purchase: after doing a fair bit of research I settled on a Monoprice Liquid Spark for around AU$150 (delivered). I'm very happy with it and It outputs a crazy amount of power (with my 600Ω Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen I still only use about 25% of the available power). I can't really compare it to other devices as I'm new to high impendence headphones and amps, but I imagine that my current setup is performing as well as I'd ever want such a setup to perform.

    The unit in this deal (MYRYAD Z40) comes with two sockets which is great for listening adventures with someone else.

    • The Myryad Z40 Headphone amp outputs an ok amount of power, I think it is suited to more easier to drive headphones (someone on head-fi does mention they drive HD600 nicely) .
      Class-A amplification is likely to provide decent & clean power.
      Reviews I read said solid build and heft, lives up to its British design, and volume knob is nicely weighted and feels solid.

      • I was initially a bit concerned that most amps would not be able to drive my Beyerdynamic T1s properly, but looking back, perhaps I needn't have been.

        Also, I do like to keep using my ears for many more years to come, so I do try to limit headphone volume.

        Re volume knob: yes, since you use the volume knob all the time, you'd want it to have a solid feel to it. Same thing with the Liquid Spark: nice and solid/weighted. Quality build.

        Hope you'll get many hours of enjoyable ear excercises out of your unit =]

        • Also, I do like to keep using my ears for many more years to come

          This is the very reason I am barely a headphone user. I prefer listening on speakers, and I only own 1 pair.
          Recently I have been tempted by deal’s on new headphones. I use the headphones only in the evenings and am conscious of the volume level also.
          This amp got the itch started again, so I posted it as a deal as a remedy to the matter.

    • Can I ask where you got the Liquid Spark for $150 delivered? There's really only two options to buy it from - direct from Monolith or Amazon US.

      • Amazon US. It might have been a bit over AU$150 — it was part of a combo order (which included DAC & cables as well).

  • Pity no USB input or DAC. It is kinda the norm these days.

    • Yes but some happily have their own preferred standalone DAC.
      Some even use just the DAC from a DAC/AMP combo, and use just the AMP from another DAC / AMP combo, provided they have the required inputs / outputs.

  • This is all getting a bit serious. I’m happy enough with my B&O H9i. My podcasts listening has never sounded better. 😂

  • Ordered. They refunded a few hours later.

    No reason provided - nice one Rio!

    • Strange. Try calling them.
      My previous experiences with Rio have been positive.
      Only thing I can think of is they sold them all.

      • I think you are right, because the purchase page now says out of stock. But it would have been nice of them to actually communicate that to me, rather than just send a refund slip. I did email them to ask what was going on, but no reply yet.

        Really no excuse these days to run an e-store that doesn't track available inventory.

        Neg review for these guys for sure.

        • Yeah going by the popularity of this deal, I would have thought sales would have been slow (plenty of time to buy).
          Maybe there were a lot of silent buyers (logged out visitors).
          Gotta be quick on ozbargain I guess..

          • @thebadmachine: I've had a reply from them. They said they sold 13 overnight and through late morning.

            But my order was early morning. I did use a 5% discount code though … so perhaps they prioritized higher-profit-margin orders that came in later, then cancelled mine.

            Not very nice.

  • Once you class A, you never want to go class D again.