expired Mirabella Solar Lights 4 for $10 @ Woolworths (Save $6)


Pretty robust solar lights that usually retail for $4 a pop. Features adjustable lighting direction independent of the solar panel and a recessed spike.

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    Bought this last year at 4 for $5. None of them lasted for more than 6 months.


    Bought these for $8 last year and still going strong.


    Is it better or just similar to $1 lights @ bunnings?

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      Don't know much about these things and I just needed a couple for particular areas. They are larger and appear to be better built. You can adjust the angles of the light and solar panel as opposed to the cheaper ones which are fixed. They have an on/off switch which I assume the cheaper ones don't.

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    A tip for these solar lights - run a bead of silicone around the solar panel. It stops water ingress and ultimately helps them last longer. Some of them are very poorly put together and do not seal against the elements.

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