Long Term Travel Bags

After much research I've come across the Farpoint range. Use will be for long term overseas travel. 70L seems perfect for my needs. Put clothes in the 70L. I've used el cheap bags in the past and manage to ruin them in <6/mo. Need something durable.

I noticed I've got a $20 eBay discount. So at $208 with the discount would bring to $188 (free postage). Has anyone seen it cheaper? Or recommendations for similar? Budget is <$200

Surfdome have a 10% coupon. Their price is $188.95, with coupon brings it to $170.06



    I know nothing about that brand but I’ve got a Kathmandu hybrid (can be a backpack, can be wheeled). When on sale you can get their range down to around the 200-300 mark (from 500ish).

    I’ve quite liked mine. I’ve had it for about 8 years now and used it for probably a total of 14-18 months travelling and it barely looks/feels like I’ve used it.


      Curious your experience with the hybrid.
      How often have you carried it on your back opposed to wheeling it?
      I find that it gets wheeled 95% of the time as it takes a while to convert it to a backpack and also the frame doesn't make it as comfortable on the back.


        You’re right - it is much easier to wheel than to carry.

        I would say I’m about 85/15 wheeling vs backpack. The times when I do use it as a backpack include very cobbled streets / dirt tracks and going up stairs when elevators have been broken/non existent.

        I guess my point with my original reply was more on the durability of the Kathmandu range, rather than me spruiking the hybrid. The actual backpack options they offer are the same materials so would also offer the same durability. Perhaps more durable because there’s less structure to it. Mine has been thrown around by baggage handlers and the materials are still in great condition.


    Decathlon have great value backpacks

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    Osprey bags are great. Keep in mind with the 70L's size it will go in checked luggage. The logo changed (bird is not enclosed in oval) in 2018 when they updated the line so make sure you get the model suits you.
    I bought my 40L for $123 from surfdome too, around a year ago. I possibly got it from the uk site. Anyhow I was able to apply a student discount. I googled for examples of the NUS code. https://help.surfdome.com/en-gb/promotions-and-offers/nus-st...
    Depending on how keen you are, a proper hiking bag may suit you better as it will provide better support.


    Caribee seems to be a bit overlooked, but does decent quality bags for fairly cheap. Mines holding up well, and I think it was around $80