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[NSW] SunRice Long Grain 5kg $3.99 @ Harris Farm (Sydney)


Sunrice Long Grain 5kg $3.99 at Harris Farm, Sydney. Cheapest ever I can see at passed 10yrs.

I saw that price at St Ives, Willoughby and Lindfield. It looks is Sydney wide and will be end at 2/9/2019.

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Harris Farm Markets
Harris Farm Markets

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  • Anyone knows why we can't buy Sunrice Sushi Rice from Coles or Woolworths?

  • That us very cheap. I wonder if it is old stock. Apparently contact with oxygen makes it decline in nutrition and shelf life.

  • Australian grown?

  • Why don't Harris Farm come to Victoria! I'm a frequent Sydney visitor and love these shops.

    Nothing like this category killer in Victoria, they's ahake up the complacent ColesWorths Aldi business nicely

    There's a large empty space in Bentleigh Vic (ex smallish Target) perfectly sized for a Harris Farm

    Come on guys!

  • It looks like…sale ends on the 2/9 based on the photo….

  • Harris Farm is not generally that good for Oz Bargainers. Some great door specials then expensive prices inside. My biggest gripe is the looseness in shelf pricing to register. I often get overcharged for items compared to the shelf price with the latest stunt they pulled being to change the price a day before their "catalogue" price ended doubling the price of the item. And they don;t really have incentive to correct this behaviour as they don't have a price error policy inline with colesworth price scanning policy where you get price scan mismatch items free.

  • Just bought some bags, one bag has expiry date of 01 September 2019. So quick markdown

  • Anyone get a chance to check with Broadway or Bondi ?

  • Just bought a bag from Lindfield marked as $4.99 but scanned at $3.99. Also expiry of 01 Sept 2019.

  • I saw that price at St Ives, Willoughby and Lindfield

    In store? Out of curiosity, what were you doing at all 3 stores?

  • No stock in Boronia Park