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Add BBQ Cheeseburger/Chicken Royale + 3 Nuggets & Sauce to Any Meal $2.95 @ Hungry Jack's


BBQ cheeseburger itself $2.60 or Chicken Royale burger $3.10,
3 Nug pack & sauce $3.45 normal price.

Not sure if works with Stunner Meals - if anybody knows, confirm..

Saw it tonight 3173 VIC.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's

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  • Medium coffee's are $2 are HJ's? Though last I had they weren't any good anyway.

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      Yeah, that's been for a few days.
      Mocha is the only thing drinkable at HJ's in terms of their coffees.

    • I always get latte's from HJ and they seem more than good enough.

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    Huge fan of their $2 cheesy cheeseburgers need to try the bbq ones.

    3 nuggets for under a dollar is ok in my books I wonder if this works with the xtra long meal.

    • I like the BBQ ones. Take a bite then squeeze gently to watch that saucey goodness ooze to the top ;)

      if this works with the xtra long meal.

      Let us know if you try!

      • Agree, I love the BBQ ones!!

        Although cheesy cheeseburger is disgusting. It tastes like those fake cheese sticks I had when I was young.

        • Yeah I agree. The BBQ ones are better but hard to sometimes pass the cheaper cheesy ones.

          Just bring your own sauce from supermarket and you are all set.

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    Cue the pulp fiction jokes

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    I'll still take 2 bacon deluxes even at the newly inflated price of $8.70. If you could add this to that, then you'd have a deal.

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    Just a minute while I cram my arteries! This should be in the freebies sections - "Free Cardiac Arrest!"

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