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PS Plus September 2019 - Batman: Arkham Knight + Darksiders III


Your PlayStation Plus games for September 2019 are:
* Batman: Arkham Knight
* Darksiders III

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  • Good pair, feels like we need a new Arkham game some time soon though.

  • +11 votes

    Wow this month is not bat at all…

  • Darksiders 3 was quick

  • I think I platinum'ed AK. It was the weakest of the bunch in a way as it kept going back to being a tank battle simulator (I swear there were more tank battles than Battlefield 1) and chasing cars around because we finally got the Batmobile but the story was really good as was the action.
    I have little to no interest in the Darksiders games but it's still nice to see Sony giving us non-Indy games again.

    • I think AK is the only Arkham game I've finished. I enjoyed it.

    • +1 for the platinum. I've tried, but those Arkham games are notoriously hard to platinum. I always give up on that trophy where you have to use every move in a combo or something. Just don't have the button reflexes these days.

  • Ok, now time to look for ps plus subs for cheap.

  • Wow PSN, another big month after this month was pretty sweet also. Glad I dropped my xbox membership and kept PSN this year!
    Games with Gold was riddled with issues for me, the number of times I missed out on downloading games because of Microsofts crap system was ridiculous.
    I sure don't miss having to update every second bootup either.
    Funny how they used to be considered the best online platform.

    • No idea what you are talking about. A child could figure out how to redeem games on GWG and the only way you would be getting constant updates on bootup is if you enrolled in the Insider program. Which you can remove yourself from the program at any time. So it seems more like a you problem.

      • Not for the free XBox 360 games. Some have been region specific and Microsoft simply don't let you redeem them (despite showing them as "Free"). Certain codes need to be redeemed on consoles. It can be annoying if you just want to redeem a game or add-on, in which you have no intention to play right now.

        I also had codes included in the game where some codes work in AU region and a couple of them can only be redeemed for US region. I had to use VPN to trick it to let me redeem it.

        While in general, the digital version of XB games are better (because you don't have the Sony different region, different version issue), the initial redemption can be iffy at times.

        • For the free GWG games I have had no issues. If you are mentioning codes then you are talking about something completely different.

          • @sallan75: XB360 games? I had ones where I had to wait a few days for Microsoft to fix their issue. Also ones which I got really fed up after 3 days of trying so I gave up. If everything is so perfect in GWG land, then I should have zero issue right?

            Put it this way, there are some XB360 "free" games that I couldn't get. I don't get why. This is Microsoft we are talking about. It's not that those XB360 are THAT great. Right now, I know I can get XB1 games with GWG, but the "free" XB360 games are luck dependent (not a sure thing). There is also the "free trial" XBLG tokens where you could get some of those free games, but not all of them (Microsoft simply don't let you - again, no idea why).

      • Sallan- Im talking about X360 back compatable games like netsurfer is talking about. It was less than 50/50 on how many I could redeem of these "free games". Various errors and Microsuck could not not fix the account situation to make it work as it should (and what I was paying for).
        GWG system is broken for some users and it sucks, so hence the comments.

  • What was August freebies? Wondering if I should buy membership and claim this months, and then batman next week when it comes out

  • Good one PSN. This will make me stop buying pre-2018 games

  • Batman is a nice game, but got too repetitive on the side missions in the end..

  • Good choices, except I own them both.. which means I'll be waiting another month before I activate my 12 month sub.

    But I kinda need access to my cloud saves… and didn't want to wait another month to retrieve them. Gah.

  • Wow, happy!!

  • I recently bought Devil May Cry 5 and Darksiders 3. After that DMC5 popped up on Xbox Game Pass and now Darksiders 3 is popping up on PS Plus.

    Maybe I should stop buying games…. nah, never happen.

  • Weird I remembered getting Arkham Knight free on PSN before…am I the only one?

    • Arkham City on PS3 in December 2012.
      Arkham Asylum on PS3 in October 2014.


  • Nice! Something to look forward to! I am still in awe and immensely enjoying Detroit Become Human. I already have Batman on PC but I feel this game is better suited with a controller instead of the PCs mouse + kb. I’ve only played the very first Darksiders game which I thought was OK. This looks good though.

    • I'm playing Detroit atm and feel the same! I skipped buying it because I thought Quantic Dream's previous effort (Beyond: Two Souls) was a flaming pile of garbage. But I gave Detroit a shot since it was on PS+ and I'm really enjoying it. More of the detective work and branching choices from Heavy Rain, and less of the rubbish QTE "action" sequences from Beyond (so far, at least).

      Also Lance Henriksen.

    • Pretty awesome looking interactive movie! Loved it.

    • Yeah Detroit Become Human is the best game I've played in quite a while. High replayability too due to the number of endings. That was a great freebie.

  • Darksiders! Yayyyy

  • Another decent line up. Already have Batman but will download Darksiders. Have been toying with the idea of signing up for EA Access but the PS+ games over the last couple of months are keeping me too busy to bother.

  • Thanks OP, great games!

    Any deals on the PS Plus membership?

  • Nice. Played arkham knight last on ps3. Were any updates made for ps4?


    how do i buy it

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