Denied Refund on Petrol Cannister Purchased from BP

Hi All,

I bought a petrol cannister from BP, it leaked everywhere in my car, on my jacket in the back. I triple checked that it leaks everytime you turn it when it's closed from the lid

I took it back with receipt for a refund and the clerk said I have to come back in the morning when the manager is in as he "doesn't have authority to refund and will have to see if it's a leak proof cannister". It's meant to hold petrol, it's not fit for purpose, 'nuff said.

Now I can't come back in the morning as this place is 40 mins away from home and I finish work early morning.

Am I entitled for a refund?
What are my options?

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  • I’d say you’re entitled to a refund. It’s a container for petrol - not something you’d want to ‘maybe’ be leak proof. I’d want them to cover cleaning the car too,

    Just lay it on the counter sideways and let it drip. Ask if you think that’s acceptable, spilling all over the place.

  • Try calling them up and speaking to the manager after work

  • You should have pressed harder " call your manager and let him know that I am happy to drive with the container full if petrol but only if he confirms it's safe via text message should something go wrong"

  • it leaks everytime you turn it when it's closed from the lid

    Hmm. Are you transporting the can upright or is it on the side/s?

  • Title is misleading, the refund hasn't been denied yet

    • In the second para. OP says the refund was in fact denied, even if only temporarily

  • Fill it with petrol, put it on the counter, if it's leaking, the clerk now might be motivated to solve this faster.

  • Cross threaded the filler cap????
    Overfilled and leaking from vent hole???
    They all have a vent hole.

  • Why all the arrogant suggestions? If the guy behind the counter doesn't have the ability to make that call then so be it. Put yourselves in that position, where they've been told it needs management approval. If they refund without approval they could be liable for it out of their own pay (don't act like that doesn't happen).

    Not their fault you went to a servo so far out of your way

    OP currently has Schroedinger's refund… It hasn't been denied nor has it been approved

    • Because it was the closest servo at the time I needed it.
      He denied me the refund at the time and didn't even make an attempt to call a manager, replace or do anything to help. He just wanted to go back to chatting on the phone.

      Thanks to everyone who made a helpful suggestion, mods can close the thread.

      • The retailer have the right to inspect the good before providing a remedy. This retailer may have policy that requires management to do the inspection.

      • if I were you, I will bring the Jerry can inside the shop and show her where the leak is on the front desk and demanded refund, there is CCTV camera so the manager to review the footage of the broken can

    • Schroedinger

      I learnt this from the big bang… who else did?

  • OP has got his answer so thread is now closed.