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[XB1/XB360] Games with Gold Sept - Hitman 1st Season/We Were Here/Earth Defense Force 2025/Tekken Tag Tourn. 2 - Xbox Store


September's free games if you have Games with Gold:


XBox 360:


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    THAT… is a good deal.

    Well done Lysander, the upvotes will be wired to your account.

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      Great. First time I posted one of these - a bit unsure about the store but I assume the games will become available when they are due.

    • Standard payment in rough diamonds

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    dissapointing, was hoping for something better whereas ps4 gets darksiders 3 which is a recent release.

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      Hitman is a great game!

      And to be honest, the main focus on "free" (I know it's not really free) games for Xbox is in Game Pass. It's been pretty easy to max out a 3 year subscription for next to nothing - and the titles included on that service is ridiculously good. Maybe Sony will attempt to compete with that, but right now they just can't.

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        GamePass is okay, but honestly, to me, so far, I am that impressed with XBox One X, in terms of quality of games. Red Dead Redemption 2 is great, and Forza Horizon 4 is pretty good (but I want more quality games). I am not sure that I am happy with my XB1X purchase overall.

        I certainly hope XBox One series is not mainly about cheaper games. Quality matters. Honestly, Microsoft need to step up on first party titles. It doesn't feel good that I am playing XB1X to utilise GamePass "free" games despite a lot of them are games that I would otherwise not play. The Microsoft reward deals where you have to play certain games from GamePass library do get annoying after a while. Nowadays, I don't give a damn about those anymore. If I don't want to play those games, I really don't want to play them for 50-200 points.

      • How is it 'easy' to max the subscription?

        • It's been easy, but will really depend on upcoming sales. A large percentage of people on here would have long-term subscriptions by now.

          There were quite a few extremely cheap deals for Gold / Game Pass, and then the 1:1 Ultimate conversion made it possible to have 3 years total of ultimate if you had only 1.5 years of each. Just through various promotions I think I ended up spending $40 for 3 years, but even this was a mistake as I've had to pass up quite a few free promos due to being maxed out.

          If you haven't done the Ultimate conversion yet, I'm not sure if it's still 1:1, but I'd keep an eye out for cheap Gold codes on sites like CDKeys, and look out for giveaways on either Xbox Game Pass / PC game pass (even third party ones like the Alienware one). Also, Microsoft Rewards points for Gold subs (if they still offer it instead of Ultimate) is a good one too.

          You only get one chance to convert over 1:1, then it starts being more like 0.7:1, so make sure you get the most out of that

  • wasnt hitman already released?

    • +2

      I don't think so, no.
      However when it was in GamePass I got it for free (to own forever) as DLC for the Hitman 2 starter pack.

      • pretty sure one if the other hitman games was a year ago. u can check the wiki

        • Yes, not this one though.

  • Hitman is super fun to play! I recommend to get both 1 and 2

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    more details here as thelunk sbove is generic

    • +2

      There is not more info there really - I did check that site before posting for more info but there was not really any additional info.
      I just did not want to use that link as that is not where one can get the games from - it is merely providing some info.

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    Always a bit of a bugger when you get a GamePass game, but moreover I got the Hitman season one content for free in Hitman 2 so.

    But Tekken makes me happy. I missed out when it was free a while back and was spewing, so I'm very happy to be able to play it and not be bitter anymore.

    Took me five years to play Arkham City after my internet was down and I couldn't get it through Plus.

  • pretty average month for me…
    oh well… NEXT

  • Definitely not as good as PS this month, oh well. I guess we all have Blair Witch and Gears 5 since we're all on GamePass.

  • Wasn't TTT2 already became free a few years ago? I have it in my HDD along with T6 fo free.

    • Yes. Was given away during E3 one year, not through GWG.

  • Looks like they've started this early, as I already managed to get HITMAN and Earth Defense Force 2025.

    • Will add once I get to PC again today.
      Thank you.

  • +1

    EDF! EDF!

    • I play EDF 4.1 on steam link with my wife all the time - we love it

    • EDF rules. One of my all time favourite games. Ridiculously good fun.

  • Thanks @Lysander :-)

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