New Toyota Camry Price, how much discount to ask for?

G'day guys, looking to purchase a new Toyota Camry, the base Ascent model with the 2.5L petrol engine. On the website they are priced at $29700 driveaway. I'm wondering what is a realistic discount I could ask for at a dealership?

Thank you.


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    John Cadoghan at suggests that 20% is too much to ask for and 10% is too little. You should be trying somewhere in between.

    He also said that if there was a super special on there wasn't any point trying to get an extra discount because the price had already been cut.

    We recently bought a new Subaru Forester through his broker plus a bit of wheeling and dealing direct to the dealer (free floor mats) and we got 13.1% off the RDP. The broker said we couldn't get any more off because the AUD had dropped from about JPY80 to about JPY70 (12.5%) since the RDP was set when the new model came out late last year. The RDP hadn't been increased but the floor price the dealer would sell for had increased. I was happy because the price was the same as when a friend bought one in February.

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    Please spend extra and get the Ascent Sport. The Ascent is the fleet special and for the sake of about $2,500 the Ascent Sport is a much nicer car

    If you get $2,000 off these you're doing well

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    According to the bozos that will be along shortly, they will tell you that between 40 and 50% off is what they regularly get off any car they buy. This is, of course, bullshit.

    I would look at $3k to $4k as a starting point, but it will more likely be $2k to $2.5k realistically. It all depends on if it's a stock vehicle or an order in. If it's a slow month of end of model year runout.

    You are close to the '20MY vehicles coming out, so dealers might be looking to shift '19MY vehicles soon if you can hold out a little.

    Dont make deals until you are ready to put cash down and actually buy the vehicle. Be realistic with your offer and stick to it. Dont be afraid to walk out if they are playing games.

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    If you don't ask, you dont get.

    Ask for a 100% discount. What ie the worst that can happen. They will say no, but if you are lucky you might get a free car.


    tbh, shop around or say you are wanting to purchase for uber driving. You might get a discount or better finance!