$1 off Shipping Cost to Click & Collect Points for Items under $39 (Non-Prime Members) @ Amazon AU


This deal applies to those that don't have Amazon Prime.

I added an item into my cart today that was less than $39. I noticed there was an option to ship the item to a click and collect point for $4.99. The shipping fee is $5.99 if I was to ship the item to my home address.

Not a huge saving but some of the collection points for me were supermarkets or places that I could easily pass by on my way home. I could pick up a $1 coffee from 7-Eleven with this saving!

What items are eligible to be delivered to Pickup Locations?
Only items shipped by Amazon AU are eligible for delivery to a Pickup Location. This includes Marketplace items that are Fulfilled by Amazon.

What items are not eligible to be delivered to Pickup Locations?
Global Store items ( sold and shipped by Amazon US)
Items sold by third-party Sellers that are dispatched directly from the Seller
Items of very high value or those that require special handling (including items with hazmat limitations). These items need to be delivered to a home or business address.
Release Day Delivery is not available for orders that are being delivered to a Pickup Location.

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  • +13 votes

    Makes more sense to get prime tbh


    Confirmed for a different delivery cost: $7.99 went to $6.99.

  • +2 votes

    Considering Australian post delivered my stuff to a safe location which was next to some brick stairs, I think I need click and collect

    Which of the 4 brick stairs in my block was it?

    Who knows. The safe ones I guess

  • +5 votes

    Prime costs a flat fee of $6.99 a month, if you do plan on buying something (or a few things) and are getting charged a fee to ship, it usually makes more sense to just sign up for prime and get the benefit of 2-day Prime shipping.

    You can cancel Prime at anytime too, so after your items arrive you can just cancel the subscription, and resub when the situation calls for it.

    • +2 votes

      Not only that you also get access to Prime Video and Twitch free games.

    • +1 vote

      Even after you cancel it, your prime stays active until the end of the month. Getting Prime is a no-brainer.


      Edit: actually, just realised my purchase wasn't eligible for this or Prime. You're right. Prime is a better deal. And most particularly if you get it at a discount!

  • +1 vote

    Hasn't this been already like this for years?


    What is the use of this offer when you get prime for 1month free along with free delivery

    • +1 vote

      If you:

      1. Buy from Amazon infrequently (say roughly at most every two months);
      2. Have already taken up the one free month (extended to two) Prime offer and can't1/don't want to create a new account just to get another two free months;
      3. Want to purchase a combination of items whose total cost is less than $392 and where the delivery charge is less than or equal to $7.99 (otherwise paying $6.99 for one month of Prime is cheaper);
      4. Don't need the item(s) urgently so Prime's expedited delivery is not required.

      then this offer will save you (up to3) $1.

      Not sure how common that scenario is, though.

      1. I think the number of accounts you can create is limited to the number of different credit/debit cards you have. 

      2. Technically, less than ($39 - the delivery cost + $1), as otherwise it's cheaper to just add (essentially free) low valued items to bring the order total up to $39. 

      3. If the delivery charge is between $6.99 and $7.99 then you get less than $1 savings over paying for one month of Prime.