This was posted 1 year 4 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Amazon AU Prime Trial for 2 Months (Initial 30-Day Extension for Another Month)


How I unlocked the second month Prime trial:

  1. Opt in for 30-day Prime trial
  2. A day before trial ends, go to cancel and when a message to change a plan appears click the button to switch to annual ($59)
  3. Right after changing the plan go back to cancel the plan again - a message to extend the trial for another 30 days will appear
  4. Click the button to extend the plan

03/05/19 UPDATE:
How it might work as well:
1. Opt in for 30-day Prime trial
2. 3 days before trial ends, go to your account to cancel membership.
3. On the second page of cancellation process notice an offer for a 30-day extension and accept it.
(Credits to @bangbang and @aj-007)

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  • wish i saw this earlier, thanks though

  • Do they not charge you when you switch to the $59 annual plan..?

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    Unrelated but I have so many naked wine vouchers right now. Amazon are really pushing it.

  • Will this work on people paying monthly right now?

    • I guess once you are on paid membership and already out of the initial trial, this "trial extension" won't work.

  • I think this may apply to everyone when their Prime trial is about to end.
    I remember it offered me another free month when I cancelled my subscription a few months back.

    • I believe it used to ask you why you wanted to cancel, which a comment pointed out that one specific reason triggered the offer aforementioned - whereas you'd get it for any reason really. I just tried and it seems that trick doesn't exist anymore, hence OP's is the way to get it now. Thanks OP.

    • My wife got the offer but I did not. I think it depends on how much use you made of the trial, but that too is just speculation.

  • Amazon is awesome. Completely forgot to cancel my mship trial at the end of the 30days. Just proceeded to cancelling it 10days later and I had the choice to either keep it until end of 2nd month or get a refund for the 2nd month! No hassle having to chase them for refund, that's great!

  • Also, it seems we won't retain the $4.99 monthly fee. Still worth it though

    "On 2 March 2019, you will be charged $4.99, and on 2 April 2019, you will be charged another $6.99"

    • I just paid the $59 for the year. I feel I get enough value out of Amazon Prime AU to warrant it.

      • your lucky, back when amazon US was US$79 (AU$110) I did many years and it's now AU$166.50. But for 2-day free shipping over a year it is still so worth it :)

  • HAHA, success! Thanks mate!

  • The day before seems too close, appears to have charged me straight away for the year. It has a last payment as of today and already says it expires next year. So I'd do it at least 2 days before just in case. I ended the membership and it offers me to refund the $59 so that is good.

  • I ended my 30 day trail thrn after paid like $5.99 and now canceled prime, how would I Continue this method OP speaks of?

  • Yep this is legit. I did it a couple of months ago.

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    Thanks OP. Just tried it with my current trial which had over a week to go. Proceeded to cancel after being offered a reminder, a cancel and another option (can't remember). Basically there were three buttons under a picture to click on. I chose continue to cancel. Then, on the next page, I got the offer to extend for another thirty days. Might work for plans that have even longer expiries but it looks like I lost three days in the next month for accepting the offer earlier than you suggested (a small price to pay). Cheers.

  • This offer is for everyone.

  • Can we just make new accounts for his to work?

  • Same works for Audible.

  • Unlike eBay Plus, this actually does something.

  • I clicked on the link and it redirects me to pay for the subscription with my existing account. Am i right assuming it is for new accounts?

  • I love Amazon - but I sure wish they'd stop using Fastway!

    • My fastway guy is great, knows to not come before 10am, the few times he did he redelivered because i called him.

    • Um, if they're using Fastway they can stick Prime up their ***. My driver hates me because I refused a delivery (as instructed by the retailer), so now she doesn't even try to deliver but leaves the card and takes it to the pickup point that's 20 minutes drive away for me.

      • It's about 50/50 Fastway/Australia Post in my experience - it's entirely unpredictable and out of your control.

        • I guess, if you put a Parcel Locker as your postal address this will be 100% Auspost/startrack, as Fastway don't deliver to parcel lockers

  • Thanks for that! I was on annual but it asked me to go to monthly which I did. I proceeded to cancel again and it offered me another month for free on monthly, then I went in and changed it back to annual.

  • I'm on $6.99 trial plan, still shows 30 days extension

    Message when going into End Trial and benefits > Continue to Cancel > message below

    Exclusively for you, enjoy your benefits for another 30 days FREE
    Extend Prime free trial ›

  • Works a treat. Thanks OP!

    • How have you got the 30-days trial? Mine said it is finished. Is there a new 30 days trial ? where?

  • That’s great thank you!

  • Is this just free shipping?

    Any store wide discounts?

  • It didn't work for me. My trial expires on 2 Mar, which is 3 days away. I went through the cancellation process until the
    end but there was no offer for me :(

    • Apologies :(

    • I think I know how to help you I was in the same situation. I was currently signed up for a trial on the annual plan and I went through the cancellation process and didn't get the offer until I did this:

      1. Change your payment option to Monthly, Your Account > Manage Your Prime Membership > Monthly (dropdown under payment option)
      2. Click End Trial and Benefits go through the prompts and you'll get the Extend Free Trial offer
      3. Switch your payment option back to Annual (because it's cheaper)
      4. Profit
  • good try

  • Tried it today and it worked, cheers.

  • Also, if you cancel your membership, use the reason it's too expensive, they offer you 3 months @ $8.

  • Worked for me too!

    Just remember, make sure to turn on the reminder again after you extend the 2nd free trial as my was defaulted to off!

  • Just tried this and it worked as instructed. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP.
    Worked as described.

  • I forgot to cancel my free trial and was charged for 2 months D: lucky I checked on the day the next payment is meant to be charged and cancelled, so a message came up saying they will credit me for my month before. All the Prime things I could have bought… :(

  • Doesn't work for me, it just cancelled current free trial and no popups asking me to have another free trial month.


    • When you go to cancel the trial it doesn't actually cancel it right away. I think it just sets it to cancel at the end of the 30-day period. I think it doesn't show any popups, it was a message on the page in my case.

  • Cheers, just got the extra 30 days!

  • How is Amazon in Australia? I know they are relatively new and eBay is trying to kill them off over there, but in the US I couldn't live without them. I've ordered pretty much every type of product from groceries to TV's to clothing to sticky tape, and their streaming service is great (eg The Expanse in 4k hdr). Membership is a lot more expensive in the US.

    • Amazon is much better than Ebay, i bought a lot of things from there recently and their delivery times are much faster and in some cases more products and better prices

  • Did it today
    It offered me to extend 30 days instead of annual plan

    Happy with that, thanks for posting mate

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