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30% off Pigeon Baby Products (with Free Shipping on Orders over $65) @ Pigeon Baby


As per the title, Pigeon bottles and accessories are all 30% off at Pigeon Baby. Free delivery for orders > $65. Prices are discounted at checkout.

Twin packs are better value but watch out for the teats especially since the twin pack 160mL picture incorrectly shows the 240mL twin pack which has a 3m+ teat rather than the 0m+ teat which is what the 160mL bottles come with.

For those who don't know, Pigeon bottles are one of the popular brands for baby bottles and in my personal experience, have been the one which worked for my newborn. There are various models and materials available (eg PP - Polypropylene, PPSU - Polyphenylsulfone, or glass) so do your research first (or read the FAQ: https://www.pigeonbaby.com.au/blogs/faqs-bottles ).

In case anyone wants to know, we tried a few and originally had success with Avent natural but our newborn quickly grew out of it and after much crying and misery, we've been able to find success with Pigeon PPSU 3m+ as recommended by the Early Childhood Centre. It didn't happen immediately but it worked after a few tries, and I've had a few other friends find it worked for their babies too.

For those who miss out on this, the next cheapest is usually Chemist Warehouse for Pigeon bottles. Baby Bunting also usually has them below the RRP per the Pigeon website but the 30% off is the best I've seen so far.

UPDATE 2/9/19: As pointed out by Hri100, Chemist Warehouse has dropped their prices in the last couple of days so that they actually beat 30% off the RRP for Pigeon bottles - e.g. PPSU twin pack $30.09 for 160mL and $32.19 for 240mL.

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    The homepage still says 30% off sitewide…

    I've got over $100 worth of items in my cart…

    I see no signs of discount? Expired?


    How odd - worked for me yesterday when I posted the deal, and I see it still advertised on their home page. A discount should automatically be applied upon checkout as a separate row item.

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    Even with -30% the Chemist Warehouse prices are better when I looked for Softouchâ„¢ Peristaltic Plus PPSU 160mL Twin Pack.


      You're right! Looks like Chemist Warehouse dropped the price in the last day or two because I actually was buying one twin pack of 160mL PPSU and one twin pack of 240mL PPSU, and at least for the 240mL twin pack, it dropped in price from $34.89 on Saturday to $32.19 today. And let's not forget Shopback!

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