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Panamax 500mg 100 Tablets $0.69 (Was $2.49) @ Chemist Warehouse


Time to stock up.

For the relief of minor and temporary ailments and should be used strictly as directed. Prolonged use without medical supervision could be harmful.
Always read the label. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Adults: 1 to 2 tablets (maximum 8 per day) Children: (7-12 years): 1/2 to 1 tablet (maximum 4 tablets per day). Take with water every 3-4 hours if necessary

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    "Time to stock up": Is there a limit to how many boxes can be purchased in one over the counter transaction?

    • +3

      North Perth only allow two per person (per purchase… i guess you could exit store and come back?)

    • +2

      As said the limit is 2 per transaction

      • +1

        Thanks guys, that's what is suspected.

    • I picked up 3 boxes today in Phillip store in Canberra. I asked the pharmacist what the limit was and she said 3, had no issues though the checkout did ask me what they were for "they're 4x cheaper than woolies" was my response.

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    Don't forget the upsized 5% cashback

    • +8

      Brah, 5% of 69c is 3c…

      • +5

        STILL A SAVING !

      • Rounds up to 5 cents if you buy single box cash. ☺️

    • +11

      This is just regular 500mg paracetamol right? Always 70c at Woolworths.

      Isn't that for a 20 pack? This is 100.

      • -4

        20 > 100
        70c < 69c

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    is this like panadol?

    • yup

    • +9

      Yes, 500mg Paracetamol per tablet.
      "Panadol" is a rip-off!

      • correct, they do have some "fast acting" variants which may be faster acting (though likely still a rip off), but the bog standard panadol is pretty much the same as these.

    • Except non coated. Gets stuck in my throat even drinking with water.

      • omg sometimes happens to me too lol

        • That's why I don't buy panamax anymore, price not worth the discomfort. To each their own, I just happen to be particularly susceptible to this.

  • where are these made?

    • +13

      Probably in India by the big generics manufacturers. Quality is good since the FDA generics scares a few years ago. The synthesis path for Acetaminophen (aka paracetomol, panadol, tylenol) is simple, although the other products in the chain can be harmful.

      The really ironic thing is that the raw materials for most Blackmores vitamins are made in India by Sun Pharma and Dr Reddy’s Labs.

      The Chinese think they are buying Australian, but they’re buying an Australian label on Indian chemicals.

      • +1

        Manufacturing in Australia is just expensive, pharmaceuticals is not exception

        Whether it be excipients, components or API
        Will find it very hard to get 100% Australian made drugs these days, this is amplified for mass produced generics

        Even if you include NZ via harmonised packs, the usage per capita just does make sense

        Don't think there is irony behind it, the made in Australia label carries certain warranties and safe guards …which may not be present in China
        ala baby formula melamine issue and more recently the faulty vaccine scandal
        you would be right to be reserved about the quality of goods produced locally

    • India.

    • -2

      The UK actually

  • Time to stock up yeahy thanks dealbot!

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    Breakfast sorted!

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    • +3

      I gave negative score earlier for similar bargains because of the rules of advertisement about medications and health hazard of those items.

      It sounds like a cheaper to overdose now than ever before


      • +5

        Everything is a poison, what makes something therapeutic is the dose. In regards to the rules of advertisement it is perfectly legal for pharmacy medicines to be advertised.

        • Check it out Prescription-only medicines advertising direct to consumers is not permitted (prohibited by the Act). Medication advertisement highly regulated area you to know
          However, Paracetamol is non prescription medication but one of the most frequent medication for suicide attempts.

      • Pretty easy to overdose. Half a box and you're gone.

      • +1
        • Yes, there is a health hazard, Major issues with item as you red the article above

    • Yep, some researcher wants to get their face in the paper.
      Not mentioned in the article, but on the press release

      . More than 200 people died from paracetamol poisoning in Australia in the ten year period.


      20 people/year is hardly a concern nor a reason to worry.
      You’re 3 times more likely to die falling out of bed

      • +3

        Don't think it's just necessarily death which is a concern. 11,754 overdosed last year.
        Overdoses can lead to liver failure, kidney failure, blood clotting issues, etc. i.e. it can lead to a whole lot of health issues with death at its most extreme.

        • +1

          Exactly my concern. Death is possibly the nicest thing that can happen to you after overdosing. Continuing to live after the fact with all the associated health problems would be a far worse prospect, IMHO.

  • 96 tablets last me an entire year

  • +1

    I’m a simple man. I see 69 in the price, I upvote

  • +1

    still got 200 left from before, but i guess stock up for the zombie apocalypse

  • Went to the register with 2 boxes.
    Was told 1 box per customer.
    I replied ok, I will take 1 thank you.
    She then responded saying that I can buy 2 under separate transactions.
    Meaning that the people waiting in line had to wait for an extra 30 seconds.

    Guess it's got to do with people ODing on this stuff…

    • +1

      It’s a sale at the end of the day. I laughed when I read your comment

    • I doubt it is to do with ODing because even if you took all the tablets in 1 box you'd have a considerable OD

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