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[WA] Gas Offer for Seniors: 45% off Usage for 2 Years if Pay on Time (+1 Month Free) + 10,000 Flybuys + Google Home Mini @ AGL


*This AGL Seniors Plus offer is available to residential customers who hold a valid WA Seniors card or are over 62 years of age. Offer available for a limited time only. This offer is available in WA where AGL operates. This AGL Seniors Plus plan consists of a 45% pay on time discount off usage charges. Discounts do not apply to fees or other charges such as supply charges. This AGL Seniors Plus gas plan lasts for 24 months and has variable rates that AGL may vary at any time. Before your energy plan ends, we may notify you of the discounts that will subsequently apply to you.

  • Google Home Mini: This offer is available until 30 September 2019, while stocks last. Limit of one Google Home Mini per supply address. Customers who exercise their cooling off rights are not eligible to receive the device. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC. This Google Home Mini offer is an AGL Connect Bonus and is subject to the AGL Connect Bonus Offer Terms and Conditions.

  • New account flybuys BONUS POINTS offer available to residential customers who open a new AGL energy account online and link their flybuys membership and AGL account. Offer available until 1 October 2019 (unless extended). Each flybuys membership is only eligible for one allocation of new account flybuys BONUS POINTS.

AGL Rewards Program
No lock-in contract
24/7 customer support
No over the counter fees for payments at Australia Post
No fees for choosing paper bills

I think these are the undiscounted energy charges:

Gas Usage Units GST excl. GST incl.
Anytime, First 12 units per day ¢/unit 13.79 15.169
Anytime, usage thereafter ¢/unit 12.44 13.684
Supply Charge ¢/day 19.97 21.967

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  • I wonder why this is WA-specific?

  • Pay on time "discounts" are a late fee tarted up. A 45% discount is an 81% late fee. A ripoff.

    • "A 45% discount is an 81% late fee." ?

      What do you mean?

      • +1 vote

        He means if your bill is $100, with a 45% discount, your bill is $55. (So $55 is the 'real' price)

        Now imagine if a company was charging an 81% fee for paying 1 day late. ($55 × 81% = $100.) You would not be happy with this late fee. Its all a false economy.

        • That's not how a "late fee" works. If the original price is $100. And you pay $100 then that is a $0 (0%) late fee…

          Instead they offer a discount/incentive to pay on time.

          So it's up to you, if you don't pay on time you don't get a discount. It's also not a false economy given they have a direct debit option.

          And no, I probably wouldn't be happy if I forgot to pay, but then it would be my fault, not AGL.

          • @Tiggrrrrr: Your example describes exactly how a late fee works.

            • @gimmeabreak: I don't know if you are intentionally missing the point or not.
              This special is explicitly stated as "45% off Usage for 2 Years if Pay on Time"
              i.e. If you pay on time you get a 45% discount. If you don't you pay full price.
              That isn't a late fee. It's full price. A late fee is a fee charged on top of the FULL price.

              Your example is like walking into Dominos at 5:01pm and having to pay an extra $0.95 for a value range pizza.
              You know that it's $5 until 5pm. Yet you didn't get there at 5pm.
              Are you going to blame Dominos?

              • @Tiggrrrrr: You are my perfect customer. :)

                You’ll be shaking your head at that comment in confusion, but I’m willing to bet people like T1 will be smirking.

                • @gimmeabreak: The offer isn't confusing despite your apparent inability to comprehend it. Plenty of people have been paying through the nose on standard rates (a large percentage of consumers - google it) due to lack of awareness. T1's comment re late fees is simply ridiculous. The ACCC has had a number of wins against banks and others who have charged late fees not commensurate with costs. You're both living in a fantasy world.

                  • @Possumbly: I dun spell it out fer da jeanuousas.

                    I'll offer you two deals:

                    (1) I'll sell you a widget for $55, if you don't pay now I'll "store" it for you for a $45 storage fee.

                    (2) I'll sell you a widget for $100, you can pay me anytime but if you pay me now you can have it for $55

                    Da gee 2 is a bargain I'll take that, deal 1 is a ripoff

                    It's the same widget mate for $55 today versus $100 tomorrow.

                    Jetstar model versus Qantas model

                    States being banned from levying income tax so they introduce Payroll Tax

                    etc etc.

                    Ignorance really is bliss isn't it.

                    I put up a simple point and you two start setting fire to a couple of by-standing innocent strawmen.

                  • @Possumbly: "The ACCC has had a number of wins against banks and others who have charged late fees not commensurate with costs"

                    That is why they structure it this way.

                    e.g. states banned from levying income tax so they introduce payroll tax.

  • This looks legit.. signed up for my parents thanks OP

  • I signed up to AGL and it didn't take. No idea why.
    You might end up having to call them.

  • account fee is 6.780 cents per day

  • Gas Offer for Seniors: classic case of selling coal to Newcastle.

  • I just noticed this post. That's very expensive gas. I thought WA was supposed to have cheap gas. I pay less than that here in Melbourne, Victoria.

    My rates are 28% Pay on time discount plus 17.5% Pensioner discount making it 1.44375c/MJ (first 100MJ/day), 1.14675c/MJ (next 50MJ/day) then 0.88275c/MJ plus 77c/day with Origin Energy.