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SPTA Mini 3" Orbital DA Polisher $108.99 Shipped @ SPTA Amazon AU


Recently I was looking for a variable speed dual action polisher/buffer for my motorcycle and car and came across this brand and polisher by SPTA mini polisher. It's a 3 inch(80mm) 700W, 6 variable speed dual action polisher with 10mm throw. I don't know a great deal on what it all means but according to the YouTube reviews seem great and seem to be gaining popularity for the price point and quality.

So this kit comes with the SPTA mini 3" DA polisher, 3 DA polishing pads, 2 microfiber Towels and a mit glove.

I was looking in Aliexpress and EBay and for the same kit they're about $150 on Aliexpress and Ebay so I think it's a great deal for $108.99 from Amazon.

I purchased one and will see how this goes.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    That is a good price - pretty much similar to the price one would pay to buy from TaoBao directly in China (https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.

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      Yes it is similar price to Taobao and don't forget Taobao don't ship to Australia. It is direct from the SPTA and the Amazon store I linked is the same official store as Taobao, aliexpress and eBay.

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    I actually ordered this from their Amazon Store and their Ebay store. Both times i was issued with a refund because the seller "Sent" the item but it never arrived. The tracking is crap and some fake post company and they do not respond to any communication. Just warning anyone looking for a bargain.

    • I didn't experience any of what you claimed.
      The seller has been really good with communication. I bought the polisher on Amazon and forgot to use Shopback so I cancelled and seller responded within 30min on the cancellation request. So I can repurchase using Shopback.

      All the messages I have sent to seller has been responsive within a day so far. They sent me Toll tracking number. I will wait and see if I receive the polisher in 2-3 week.

    • I purchased it yesterday and it was marked as shipped today

    • I hope that mine was a once off. I would think that Amazon would kick them off if they were that bad for everyone.

    • Your comment almost put me off from buying from them but I decided to give them a try anyway my item was posted 8 hours after ordering it and arrived in only 3 days regular post!! I bought their spta 125mm 8mm polisher for only $108 it arrived in a nice box and is of high quality imo these people are selling the exact same polisher i bought but rebranded for $165!! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/APEX-CUSTOMS-KARATE-KID-8mm-Dual...

  • Thanks OP. Bought. Shame there are no buffing pads. Any links to purchase those? Cheers.

      • Woolen pads not really used anymore. You use the foam ones and get a better job with less product.

        • That's simply untrue. Wool, microfiber, and foam are all usable depending on the objective, liquid compound, and preference of the detailer.

        • Wool pads are still used but aren't recommended for beginners also i'd buy lake country pads over the spta ones.

      • Is it the same machine though? It's missing the shaft cover?

      • That link is for SPTA rotary polisher. It's not a Dual Action polisher. Just so everyone is clear. Check YouTube video on the difference between rotary and dual action polisher if you want more clarification.

        In short DA Polisher is better for DIY and ameatures as oppose to Rotary polisher which could damage the paint if you don't know what you're doing and less forgiving.

  • is this a better package for the same price? https://www.amazon.com.au/SPTA-Polishing-Detailing-Superpoli...

    • Is it the same machine though? It's missing the shaft cover? Confusing.

      • hmm you're right.. very confusing.

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          It's not the same machine. It's a rotary polisher. The one I posted is the dual action polisher.

  • Larger disc also available for the same price. Are the pads throw away or how do you clean them for next polish?


    • hand wash

      • Good question. What do you use? I usually use hot water and dishwashing liquid to soak the micro fiber cloth after hand buffing and it's been working getting rid of all the compound on the microfibre.

        • Same. Is it's really bad I might add some vanish powder or laundry powder. I don't think it requires speciality detergents

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