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Apple iPhone XR 64GB $1,048.99 + Delivery (Free with First) (Grey Import) @ Kogan


Cheapest price I can find right now for an iPhone XR 64GB. Price match at Officeworks for a further 5% off.

Assume there will be better prices when the iPhone 11 is released.

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    I hope people treat you kindly, this being your first post.

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    Would have been great if it was Hong Kong model with 2 physical dual sims instead of 1 physical and 1 esim.

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    voda guy said these
    are selling well not
    the other higher priced ones ….

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      Almost read like an attempted haiku

      • very clever 👍 …alas it was some brain to finger issues.
        i googled the meaning of Haiku …will read some more today.

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    Don't waste your time trying to pricematch at OFW since it's overseas model meaning not "identical" one.

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    iphone 11 will be announced next tuesday. Not worth buying now.

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      I heard it will just be called iPhone.

  • Put your hand up if you paid for Kogan First.

  • As a grey import stock, you can get it from Quality Deal on eBay at a slightly cheaper price, $1087.15.