Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection & Cashback sites

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  • Boozebud and Amazon purchases tracked fine for me and I'm pretty sure nothing special was done.

    • For new users who install and download Firefox for the first time, Enhanced Tracking Protection will automatically be set on by default as part of the ‘Standard’ setting

      For existing users, we’ll be rolling out Enhanced Tracking Protection by default in the coming months without you having to change a thing.

      If you already have FF installed then it will be off. Just checked in my FF and that's the case.

      • I already had Firefox already installed and the update turned it on. I was paranoid and turned it all off before tracking the shop back $2 cashback and it still hasn't tracked yet.

      • I have mine turned on and it's still showing as activated on both Amazon and Boozebud, so I'm fairly certain I didn't turn it off at time of purchase.

        • Standard or Custom?

          • @Clear: It's set as custom…
            I don't recall what changes I made.
            Doesn't look like much…

            Tracker: "Level 1 block list (Recommended)"
            Cookies: "Cookies from unvisited websites"
            Cryptominers ticked
            Fingerprinters ticked.

            I'd be surprised if that's anything different from the Standard Settings?

            • @scubacoles: I think that would be blocking it. The block list for Custom is using a service called Disconnect that do have some affiliate networks listed.

              • @Clear: Just read that the latest version of Firefox turned on Tracker Blocking for everyone.. So maybe it was actually off back when I made purchases?

  • Scratch that, just got an email saying it tracked

  • If the Enhanced Security is turned on then it will cause cashback to not work as it's blocking the third-party cookies responsible for tracking your purchase. Thankfully it's off by default for existing users.

  • I did have problems tracking petstocks, but that's the only site that did not track, so I'm not sure if it's related at all. Look like standard mode blocks "Known trackers only in Private Windows"? That should not affect cashbacks sites.

  • Has anyone had it work since the upgrades?

    I haven't done a cashback since so I can't verify it with personal experience.