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Fitbit Ionic (Any Colour) $209 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


I couldn't find this in the catalogue so this could be the new price. Otherwise, I guess the deal lasts until the current catalogue ends on September 18th.

Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch (Slate Blue/Burnt Orange)
Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch (Charcoal/Smoke Grey)
Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch (Blue Grey/Silver)

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    Good price, had mine for a couple of years and love it.

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    This is not a dig at the Op, as it is indeed a good price. But the Ionic is not a very good product IMHO.

    In the space of 1.5 years, I have had 3 replacement units from Fitbit. I encountered freezing, failure to charge, constant drop sync, interrupted notifications, etc. All these issues are widespread if you google it.

    Given it is a modestly priced expensive piece of tech, I expected more from Fitbit.

    It is a shame… as when it works as it should, it is a great product. It's just a shame mine (x 3 units) never performed consistently.

    Buyer beware.


      is yours an ionic too?

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      That's a shame, my experience is the opposite, have used it with 4 or so phones and never had the issues you did.


      I have had mine replaced too, but the replacement hasn't skipped a beat (esp when measuring my heart!)
      I'm tempted to buy one as a spare, (well, I am an OzBargainer) but then realised that wearable tech is changing so fast that this would be a silly idea.

      PS - R.I.P. Pebble watches


      Agree. When they work they are awesome. I'm on my second one in 2.5 years. I must admit, their customer service was pretty good when my first one died.

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        That I will agree also…. Their CS is good with issuing replacements.

        Only wish my actual user experience was as good as some of the others

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    but good to know that the orange version is much better than the smoke grey version, if you go by the ratings scores on the individual JB Hi-Fi product pages !!


    Amazon has the orange color for $199 plus cashback, delivered in 1-3 months.
    Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch - Slate Blue/Burnt Orange https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B074VNDGND/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...


    I have a Samsung Gear2 which is six years old and I love it. Unfortunately it's not compatible with new phones so I need to replace it.

    Can anyone tell me if this fitbit allows you to make and answer phone calls?

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      No it won't. It will alert you to a call and you can answer or reject the call but you'll have to physically talk to the phone.


    Also had mine now almost 2 yrs with no issues so far. Use it for sports under my socks and shower with it.