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A freebie which looks quirky/weird but entertaining.
It is a game/educational tool which can be used to learn about the human body and its neurological functions. The first volume focuses on basic frontal and temporal approaches.

No ads, no in-app purchases, no strange permissions requested by the app.

From the website:

AppSurgeOn - Neurosimulator Vol.I is the first 3D neurosurgical simulator for mobile. It offers an impactful 3D educational experience of cognitive neurosurgical training characterized by full interactivity, high realism and impressive accuracy. This first volume is focused on basic frontal and temporal approaches.

Neurosimulator revolutionizes the neurosurgical training allowing to simulate a preoperative decision-making and a realistic intracranial exploration on a virtual patient. The UpSurgeOn Team, made by neurosurgeons and digital artists, uses the most powerful 3D technology and a strong 3D modeling process to reproduce an interactive surgical field.

AppSurgeOn - Neurosimulator Vol.I is organized into two simulation modes: ROI mode and Craniotomy mode. Each mode is organized into specific steps reproducing a realistic neurosurgical simulation of step-by-step decision-making to perform frontal and temporal craniotomies.
ROI mode is a 6-step simulation setup that begins with the selection of a ROI (Region Of Interest) from a list of 15 ROIs. In the next steps, the system leads you to select a suitable craniotomy from a list of 9 frontal/temporal approaches and matches these two variables to calculate the best patient positioning for that specific approach. After a 3D real-time simulation of the surgical approach, you can experience an interactive microsurgical exploration by using a virtual microscope and deforming the brain tissue in order to access the selected ROI. This innovative process is designed to empower the understanding of the microsurgical perspectives and the surgical ergonomics.
Craniotomy mode is a 4-step procedure which considers specifically the surgical approaches and the patient positioning.

The UpSurgeOn Team is made by neurosurgeons that are engaged with clinical practice every day. The contents of the simulations were produced through a novel process of “scientific 3D modeling”, created by UpSurgeOn. It consists of a systematic 3D reproduction of human neuroanatomy validated through a continue intraoperative validation.

- 15 ROI (Region Of Interest) with a full overview from a complete head MRI and an interactive 3D model of the patient head.
- 9 frontal/temporal craniotomies with 3D overview
- Angiography-like visualization of vascular ROIs.
- Selection of right/left procedure.
- Fully 3D interactivity (rotation, zoom and pan).
- Selection of a correct patient position on the operating table.
- Patient head positioning (rotation, flexion-extension, lateral tilt).
- Fixation of the patient head with the Mayfield Head Holder.
- 3D animations of 9 frontal/temporal approaches, from skin incision to dura opening.
- Fully 3D interactive brain retraction.
- Intracranial exploration through a surgical microscope.
- Intracranial neuroanatomical labels.
- Wide texts concerning indications, techniques, landmarks, red flags and surgical notes from the scientific literature.
- 3D simulation of the closure steps for each approach
- HD button for high-resolution textures and anti-aliasing (for widescreen projection).


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  • Fascinating! Thanks op

  • What does Charlie Teo think of this?

  • Interesting, and I guarantee you'll get more up votes if you add "Was $21.99" to the title… Free is a bargain, a reduction like that is a GREAT bargain haha

  • Now I just need to download the rocket science app and I'm set….!

  • Very nice, thank you OP

  • All of a sudden everyone on OZbargain is a brain 🧠 surgeon! 😂

  • LOL I could just play Surgeon Simulator on my phone instead.

    Very accurate you know


    If you know Latin, you will certainly find brain neuroscience much easier.
    Many of the names are simple things like "middle brain" , but in Latin.
    I found them extremely frustrating to learn when studying it as part of psych degree.
    Firstly because I don't know Latin (and minimal desire to learn Latin, tbh).

    Secondly though, because they basically aren't actually sure on anything much about which parts of the brain do what (and our professor who ran the lecture on this told us this clearly; basically that he has no confidence in what parts he was teaching us do different things, lol. Hard for me to remember something when I know it isn't quite true and accurate . I must have Just scraped thru with 51% remember all those Latin names . It must be a very interesting field though, just so much we don't really know, yet it's being taught in psych classes currently 🤔

    • Psych is all speculation, not a science.
      Only biology, chemistry, physics, and to some extent medicine are science as results are repeatable and consistent.

      And before anyone gets up in arms: plenty of psychs in circle of friends and extended family.


        Psych is all speculation, not a science.

        LOL . Ummm . Ok . You are welcome to your opinion .

        Hard not to laugh when I read your post there, so I didn't look at anything after you made a funny 🤣 .

        I'm not going to waste my time to explain thoroughly.
        But firstly, part of the scientific process within psychology (and many other sciences also) is "speculation" aka a "hypothesis" . It is an integral part of scientific process, then you attempt to test The hypothesis/speculation. Then another scientist looks at those results etc in report, and looks to further the scientific paradigm .
        Without that initial speculation/hypothesis, we would have nil progress .

        When we close our minds and stop speculating/hypothesizing, questioning, innovating, improving, adapting…. our progress ends, and becomes stagnant .

        psychs in circle of friends and extended family.

        Respectfully knowing someone who is in a field does not make you any sort of expert. Not sure where you got this bogus info/rumor from that modern psychology is not a science, but you are certainly incorrect there.
        Ask whichever of your friends extended family is trained in modern psychology. Perhaps they will take the time to inform you on this properly.

        I +1 your post, because you brightened my evening with a laugh . Thanks .

        • My partner is a trained psychologist and so are my uncle and cousin - so much for your theory. Plus, I do have some training as well although that is not the area I work in now.
          And yes, they do agree that psychology is not a science in the sense that nothing in psychology yields the same result - for example, with some people rewards work while for others they do no. For others, punishment works while for other it does not work.
          Yet, if I expose a group of people to massive amounts of radiation, the cells of all of those people will be damaged - no exception and variation there.

          My definition of a science hinges heavily on consistently repeatable results - that in itself is where may disciplines fall, including my own which I also do not consider a science although it is called that sometimes.
          Hypotheses etc. are fine and so are speculations - sure they are part of the sciences such as biology and chemistry but that in itself, without the consistent repeatable results, are not sufficient for me.

          I will upvote your post too, only for the fact you - unlike so many other people- at least allow other people an opinion. Of course you are entitled to yours as well.
          By the way: I am very happy to introduce you to some victims of the belief that psychology yields consistent, repeatable and certain results in everybody and that it works the same for everybody.

          Have a good night. You made me and my office laugh on a dreary Sunday night!



            My partner is a trained psychologist and so are my uncle and cousin - so much for your theory.

            Does not however, in any way, disprove "my thoery" re. Respectfully, knowing someone who is in a field does not make you any sort of expert! .

            I didn't read rest of your post. But thanks for the hilarity 🤣 Another +1 for you 👍

            • @DisabledUser271064: I think it is better for you to stop as not only do your comments bring a loy of laughter to everyone here but some people here feel it goes more into even worse territory where you are jeopardising the tiny bit of credibility of being taken seriously you have left.

              Re my asssessment: This is not just my opinion. People trained in the field agree with my assessment so what you keep quoting does not apply. The fact you keep quoting it shows though you are out of arguments.

              What about coming up with a hypothesis for this: why are people who contribute little to site with posts have the biggest ego and think everyone else is wrong?

              Good day.


                @Lysander: Keep a ranting there .
                As I said, I'm not going to bother reading your ignorant BS.
                But continue … This is hilarious 🤣
                Another +1 for making me LMAO again .

  • My son has said he wanted to be a neurosurgeon since he was 8 after visiting kidzania (well first cardiothoracic but he changed his mind within a year).

    He's well on his way by being offered a place into Perth Mod and doing very well in a recent TV competition.

    He'll LOVE this seriously.

    Thanks so much OP!

  • This freebie is no longer free.

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