Sony A6000 Camera White

I want to buy a Sony Alpha 6000 for my daughter's 21st birthday in Nov. A present that will encourage a passion, give years of pleasure. After a lot of research I decided on the A6000 as the best fit for her; very light, relatively easy to use, versatile, proven quality, great choice of E mount lenses. Perfect for travelling. Best price for a New A6000 in White-standard lens, 1 year warranty is $633 Ebay plus after 20% off. Plus 1% shopback. Please find me a Better price?
Has to be white haha it's a girl thing. Although I came across white jelly case protector so not sure should I buy the camera in black as its cheaper? Any advice please, thankyou in advance. Becomes expensive when you add the camera bag, lcd screen protector, f lenses f1.8, f2.8 portraits; extra battery and maybe a Samyang lens for landscapes. I am very Grateful for any advice.


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    Think only the camera body comes in white - not sure on if any lenses do

    Stock lens (16-50) isn't great but might have to do unless OK with having a panda look (white camera, black lens)

    Found the best images would come from some investment in other lenses, just depends on how willing you are to go down that route.

  • I would buy a cover for a better grip - something like this .. I have one for my Sony a6000 and I am glad that bought it…

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