expired [Android] Lunescope Moon Viewer Free (Was $6.49) @ Google Play


Greetings everyone, seems like the first time this app has been free :)

4.6 Rating from 6800 Reviews.

Spectacular, interactive 3D simulation of the moon, right down to the shadows in the craters and earthshine on the dark side. Touch screen control changes date and time as seen from your location - the phase tracks your every move. Use two fingers to spin the moon itself (see the far side!) and zoom in to see lunar features up close.

Lunescope has features you'll find in no other moon app, including:

  • For any date/location, instantly shows phase, crescent angle, libration, rise/set times, and nearest syzygies
  • Zoom in for a detailed lunar map (up to 2500x magnification) with details on all surface features
  • Explore the moon landing sites: Apollo, Lunokhod, Surveyor, Ranger, and more!
  • Shows supermoons, blue moons, and black moons
  • Displays all lunar eclipses, with full visualization
  • Change phase by touchscreen or direct date entry
  • 2 finger drag rotates the 3D moon simulation
  • Lunar Calendar shows month’s phases at a glance
  • Data pane gives additional details: azimuth, altitude, distance, apogee, perigee, zenith, and more
  • Wear OS watch face shows the same imagery, plus (optionally) abbreviated data
  • Supplies moon data and imagery via complications to other Wear OS watch faces
  • Also includes a Wear OS Tile to show moon phase and data alongside your existing watch face
  • Choice of imagery: High definition or Maximum realism (includes dynamic shadows of craters, mountains, etc.)
  • Fully optimized for Chromebooks and tablets
  • Notifications for major phases and eclipses, also optimized for Wear OS
  • Live wallpaper
  • Resizable home screen widget, with optional moon info text

As always, enjoy :)


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