expired $20.40 off (Min Spend $119.40) @ YouFoodz "12 Meals for $99"


Not sure if this is a targeted promotion or not. My partner received it and I've used the code on my account, so hopefully it works for you.

*Min spend $119.40 (before discount).

$20.40 code valid for use online & the YF App until September 11, 2019 11.59pm AEST.

Single use only.

One code per order.

Other Specials are:
https://youfoodz.com/collections/all/products/spring-sampler... (Discount $10.70)
https://youfoodz.com/collections/all/products/clean-meal-pac... (Discount $10.65)
https://youfoodz.com/collections/all/products/youjuice-varie... (Discount $2.85)
https://youfoodz.com/collections/all/products/spring-dinner-... (Discount $10.70)

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    I get a ~$7.17 per meal for 14 meals and a bliss ball;spring sampler, spring dinners and 2 random meals. Interested in any better value orders anyone can put together.

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    any chance getting <$6 per meal? $7 per meal is not a bargain

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    My last few Youfoodz deliveries have come with different ice packs which are inadequate to keep the meals cool before they are put in the fridge. Anyone else notice this?


      I got my order this morning and the box is now cardboard with insulation in it and different ice packs, but being in Melbourne it isn't much of a problem :-)

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    Gonna need to do better deal for me to come back to them there quality is really going down hill if anyone in interested coles have core meals half price https://shop.coles.com.au/a/a-sa-metro-parabanks/promo/core-...

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      I might try those next time, thanks. I'm disappointed to see how little Australian content there are in YouFoodz.


    Meals are $8 each at Aldi, though not the variety of online. $5.xx each is my buy price.


      Hey amigo, how are you getting them so cheap? I'm about to put an order through. EDIT: I've had to buy my last two sets through Aldi @ $7.99 because I couldn't find any cheaper discounts :(


        There have been some deals that stack as posted on OzB.


          Ahh ok, is it by picking the "packs" or are you able to individually select? I'm a numpty, using this for portion/calorie control and ultimately just want to get things on cheap :)


    With the meals, how long do they last for? Say I order 6 meals do people freeze some of them?

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      Some freeze Well, others don't.

      They last for about a week from when you get them, roughly.


        Thanks for letting me know. I did kinda feel meals that have Salads wouldn’t freeze. But keen to know other meals that I might order can last in my fridge for a few days.

        I’m a single dad and work on the road most days, so if I get 6 meals and find I’m getting these meals I have an option to freeze if I can’t eat them in time.

        Appreciate the feedback.


    Big L Recipes.

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