expired Quilton Facial Tissues 95-110 Pack $1 @ Coles


Half price quilton facial tissues at Coles. Amazon is price matching.

Quilton classic facial tissue 110 pack

Quilton 3 Ply Soft & Thick Aloe vera Facial Tissues 95 pack

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    Seems like a good price, though don't a lot of tissue boxes usually have more than 110 sheets?


      What boxes of tissues do you recommend. Cheap and at least 2 ply? per sheet cost?

      I wanna upgrade from using loo rolls as facial tissues.

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    Sadly I dont find these anywhere near as good as the Kleenex ones. Seem much drier and coarser

    • -1 vote

      100% agreed, these used to be very good but recently degraded their quality same like Sorbent did few years back… Kleenex is the best quality for now but they don't often go to sale

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    Amazon are not matching.