Need Advice in Getting Valuation and Selling My Car

I have a 2009 Toyota Camry, I am intending to sell it.

Any advice on how to get a good valuation and places to sell. I know as one option. Would approaching the dealer a good idea?


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    Selling - Gumtree
    Valuation - redbooks

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    Any advice on how to get a good valuation

    1. Redbook for a very broad guide.
    2. Search on Carsales for your exact car with similar KM and condition and spec. Given its a Camry this should not be a problem. You should be able to sort by price and see fairly accurately (i.e. a range of say $1000) what your car is selling for.

    Would approaching the dealer a good idea?

    Generally - no.

    You'd only want to sell your car to a dealer if you intend on trading it in for one of their cars. But remember that trading in never gets you a good deal on your old car. The dealer has to make a profit from reselling it so they will always be at least 20-30% less than selling privately if you're lucky, plus 12 month warranty etc etc which all ads up. You will always get a better price selling privately.

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      You can go to dealer to get their offer.
      Then you will know the bottom price you can get.

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        True, he can still ask them, but he asked if it's a 'good idea' haha. If he wants a valuation, a dealer is not one to ask because as you say it will be rock bottom and not reflective of the market for his particular car.

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    Carsales, take the mean, look at your car honestly, then decide how fast you want to sell it then set that price, adjust as needed.

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    An auction site such as Pickles will give you a ballpark valuation based on the info provided.
    Any you could consider listing it with them, but consider all of their T&Cs and fees before doing that. It will be a lot less hassle for you than selling on Gumtree, but you lose some control over the process.

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    Forget going to a dealer. They will give you the absolute lowest of lowball offers.
    A 10 year old car is not something they will re-sell, they will flog it to a wholesaler to offload elsewhere. And if you're not buying a car from them, their offer will be even lower than a trade-in price. Absolute LAST option.

    Carsales and Gumtree will give you an indication of what people are ASKING for the same type of car. Don't expect to receive that price, it'll always get negotiated down.

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    The car will be worth the consumables (tyres, oil, rego) plus/less maybe $2k-$4k depending on condition and KMs.

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      It's an '09 Camry. Should be worth decent money still, depending on condition.


        The problem isn't with it being a good car or not, it's with market saturation.

        Unfortunately, cars of that age and similar vehicles like commodore and falcon are worth nothing due to the plethora of vehicles available.

        @plmko is pretty much on the money for a 10yo Camry. Unless it's the top of the line with really low km, and even then it's still probably only up to $6k

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    If the car isn't worth much, you could just scrap it.
    But make sure you take of the rego plates and get a refund before you do that.

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    Dealer will give you the rock bottom price. At least you will then know what rock bottom is in negotiations.

    Just make yours the second cheapest on for your model year and kms. It'll sell.

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    Sold a car last year with .
    They gave me a much better deal than the trade-in offered by the dealer, but only buy cars with less than 130,000km on the clock.

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    Cars are sold based on what someone will pay for it.

    Getting a good valuation doesn’t mean that’s what they will pay.

    All it does it give you are starting price for negotiations.

    If a seller showed me a valuation I would just laugh.

    I would have done my research to determine what I would pay.

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    Also consider how valuable your time is. If the car is worth 2k-4k then you will get a LOT of tyre kickers who will want to view it late at night or on your valuable weekends.


    Thanks all. It is great to see such a wide range of advice and guidance. My car is in a very decent condition and taken care very well. It has clocked less than 100K in 10 years :-) haven't run much.

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    A dealer will pay you wholesale as they need to resell at a profit - maybe $500. It's good if you want a quick, painless sale.

    Or take it to the auctions.

    If you want to maximise profit then detail it and put it on FB marketplace, & gumtree.

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