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Xiaomi Mi A3 4GB/64GB - $269 AUD Shipped @ TobyDeals (Grey Import)


Pretty cheap deal

Never purchased from tobyDeals so can't vouch…

Anyway this is easily the cheapest it's ever been

Snapdragon 665 (11nm)
6.08" SUPER AMOLED Display 1560x720 (only real weakness of the device)
4GB RAM + 64GB
UFS 2.1 Storage
Triple rear cameras (48mp Main/8mp Ultrawide/2mp Depth)
32MP front camera
4030mAh Battery
Android one running Pie, android 10 incoming.

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  • Does this have Band 28? I'm not too worried about nfc

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    6.08" is not A3…

  • Reviews say the 720 screen is a let down

    • Strange thing for Xiaomi to do in this age.

    • BS if you ask me. HD on 6" should be pretty sharp. Unless you're young and have perfect eye sight FHD wouldn't make a huge difference. AMOLED also helps. I think I'd prefer HD AMOLED over FHD IPS

    • Went to see the display model in jb hifi. The screen looked perfectly fine for me. Both the resolution and brightness. If anything 720 should make the battery last longer.

  • Avoid this shop. They show stock and hold on to your money unless you pursue the shipping.

    • Agree had to wait a month didn't even email rude , going back, glad got money back . Don't do it ….use eBay protected

  • This phone failed miserably compared to the legend A2 and you can tell how is the pricing falling down so quick .. the 720p for this legend brand just killed this phone …. the battery life is the only plus

    • If you want battery just buy the A2 lite and that would cost $200. Paying an extra 1/3 for another year of updates. I already have A2 which will come out of support in 2021. Will wait for next generation of Android One.


    read the same reviews but for this price and the cpu…

  • What's exactly grey import or grey market ?

    • Probably isn't covered by Australia consumer Law, so warranty claims might not be possible.. depends on the seller/manufacturers willingness to help

    • The term is derived from black market which deals in illegal goods. It means it's going through an unauthorised distribution channel i.e. not via local suppliers/retailers, but from overseas where they can sell it cheaper. As such, you won't have the Australian consumer law protections if something goes wrong with the product, as scottySK mentioned above.

  • Don't trust their stock. I have recently waited for a month for a phone which was always "processing". They said they were waiting on stock, but the same phone was still up for sale saying "In Stock".
    I bought the phone on eBay and got a little bit dearer, but including GST and delivered in 2 days.

  • The specs is very similar to the $1199 iPhone 11.

    • Can't really compare them on specs, apart from price. Where you can get 3-4 of the A3 for 1 of the iPhone 11. The specs of the iPhone 11 are premium components. The XR cost $300-350USD+ to make.

      The screen is pretty decent on the XR.

      Camera will be amazing. One of the best.

      Fastest CPU on any device. Best GPU too.

      Some of the clearest audio.

      Consistent updates to OS for 6 years?

      Working NFC. A3 doesn't have it. No Google Pay.

      2 years walk-in replacement warranty.

      • Sorry, can’t let that one just go through to the keeper!

        • The screen is pretty decent on the XR… until you compare it to any iPhone later than the 6S+. $1100 for a barely 720p display in either 2018 or 2019 is unacceptable by any measure. Only Apple could get away with it.
        • The iPhone doesn’t really have working NFC either, it just has Apple Pay.
        • Apple haven’t just swapped out warranty devices for some time. iPhones with smashed screens, dodgy home buttons and borked batteries are generally repaired, with a refurb offered in the event they are out of stock of the parts required for a repair.
        • Some of the clearest audio? No.

        I’m the biggest Apple bitch there is but this is just straight nonsense!

        • Righto, i'll take it on.

          The screen on the XR has a pixel density of 323.61 and nits brightness of 589 Nits, that's high. Higher than most low end phones.

          Apple has NFC, that's why you scan your local transport cards with it.

          The Apple warranty has been known to be decent. 14 Days return no issues, 30 days in some cases. Swap a replacement (i had one only 2 months ago on a 7, full replacement, no fuss)

          The iPhone 11 has multiple front facing speakers and dolby atmos sound. If that's not clear, not sure what would be.

          • @checkingthisout: Let’s do it!!

            • Not disputing the pixel density, albeit that it’s the same as the iPhone 4. Apple themselves quote a brightness figure of 625 nits, so not sure where 589 has come from. Lower-end/lower priced phones with brighter, higher resolution displays include the LG G5, Moto G6+, Nokia 8, and pretty much any post-RIM BlackBerry. Source

            • Off the top of your head, can you name one app that has utilised the API you mention? The point I was trying to make is that Apples implementation of NFC is crippled… at best.

            • No doubt! Having had half a dozen replacements myself over the years I agree, Apple probably have some of the best after sales in the biz. But Samsung, Google etc offer similar 14/30 day return policies these days - and I think you mean you received a full refurbished replacement. They are very different things. I purchased an 8+ a while ago which was dead out of the box, and I can assure you I was much less than impressed when they tried to swap it out for a refurb.

            • And it does have both of those things, and that’s all well and good! What it doesn’t have is an Aux input, support for AptX, LDAC, FLAC, nor does it have a decent DAC. So no audiophile will touch one.

            • @jackary: Brightness came from a real world test done by some blog. I’d have to go back. But 589-625 still good. I’ve found the screen was pretty nice. Albeit. Not an oled but some of the cheaper oleds I’ve seen have been terrible from different angles.

              There NFC isn’t crippled it would have to be NFC to work with normal terminals. There wasn’t a new standard to work with these older terminals.

              Yes they’re not perfect. I haven’t had real world experience with Samsung or Google to see the difference. I have had Dyson. Who were shocking. Not the same. But horrid none the less.

              I’m not sure iPhones are being used for that purpose. But I’ve found audio on low end androids to be real junk.

              The iPhone 11 should have had oled by now. But it’s Apple they’re being Apple. Can’t have it all. The screen is all that’s left. The XR/11 is still a decent device. Just expensive. $899 would be a steal. But a dream.

              • @checkingthisout:

                • So just to clarify what you’ve said, you’re back-pedalling as to the quality of the iPhone XR screen in that it isn’t OLED, you’re not actually sure how bright it is, however it is “pretty nice”… by no quantifiable metric. Come on man! The display is crap. And only Apple could get away with it. Look at all of the comments in this thread alone criticising the resolution of the display - and the A3 is a quarter of the price.

                • As per my original comment - the iPhone doesn’t really have NFC, however it has Apple Pay. What I mean by this is that yes, you can make contactless payments, but little else. Many other things are possible with NFC, like using an NFC tag to complete a repetitive action - for instance, I had an NFC tag in my car to automatically pair my phone to the car Bluetooth and open Android Auto. Cannot be done on an iPhone. I concede your point, yes the iPhone does have an NFC chip. Apple have all but disabled it. I also note that you couldn’t tell me a single iOS app outside of Apple Pay utilising the NFC chip.

                • I haven’t dealt with Google personally, however I have dealt with Samsung (S10+ with a smashed screen), and while it pains me to admit, the after sales service was just as good, if not better, than Apple. Not sure how Dyson is relevant in a phone discussion however I agree their after sales support is very poor.

                • I’m a little confused by your point re audio.. originally you touted the musical ability of the iPhone, not me? Are iPhones being used for audio or not? I’m merely pointing out that the iPhone is lacking some really basic audio credentials - high quality Bluetooth audio (aptX/aptX HD), a 3.5mm line input, and support for high resolution audio codecs like FLAC, DSD or MQA - and I can assure you plenty of people utilise these features! If you own a set of decent Bluetooth headphones (Bose QC35 or the Sony WH-XM1000 spring to mind), you’re missing out. If you like to listen to Tidal Masters, you’re missing out. The iPhone doesn’t really do high resolution audio, and as a result, anyone who truly cares about music is probably using a dedicated music player, or a smartphone with an excellent DAC (like the LG V30!). Can’t really comment on the audio quality of low-end androids, and unless you’re prepared to name the ones you think sound like “junk”, perhaps neither should you.

                • I’m not hugely fussed on OLED. For the record, all OLEDs have some form of colour shift when viewed off angle, iPhone included. It’s just inherent in the tech. I’d have been happier with a FHD IPS personally but that’s just personal preference.

                • It is absolutely Apple being Apple! If Samsung brought out a $1200 720p phone, oh how we would laugh.

                • @jackary: What a damn interesting debate!
                  and handled like pros! upvotes for all of you :)

                • @jackary: I agree with all your replies so therefore, you win. But, i also agree with mine too, so i win. DRAW/Handshake/White flag! Especially so here "It is absolutely Apple being Apple! If Samsung brought out a $1200 720p phone, oh how we would laugh." Apple is just being Apple but the drop of $50USD on the latest XR is showing they are starting to feel the heat. You can get any Xiaomi device with similar specs. They only have iOS now. Same as OSX. It's operating systems that give them the edge.

                  The iPhone should be a leader (for the price), but now its a laggard and i see more innovation in Huawei these days, and i believe Huawei in the future will be the world number 1 (not just by sales figures) with their OS/vertical hardware integration, AI, camera tech, back-end software and silicon engineering, networking, so on so forth. Thus Apple is pivoting to services and media. Something that Huawei can't do.

                  I used to use my iPhone to get on and off the train in parts of Asia. The myki in Melbourne is not in service purely cause Apple wants to negotiate it, not that it won't work. With the new U1 chip that is going to be a much better tech. https://www.wired.com/story/apple-u1-chip/

                  I was just referencing the front facing speakers on the iPhones are very good, even my iPhone 7 i see as good, i used an XS and i thought that was amazing. Not for headphone use, just using for YouTube videos and the likes. The new iPhone 11 and 11 Pr0 [email protected]! (-_- just an XS) apparently have multiple speakers making for a very immersive experience.

                  The XR display isn't 'crap' but it isn't $1000 worth. I agree, it's the price that is letting Apple down now. The new iPad PRO LCD is amazing, i really love it (i don't own one), and it's not OLED. Refresh rate i believe is the next display innovation to come. I've seen some truly junk OLED's with burn in within months. The screen on my iPhone 7 though, is junk. But it's also so old.

  • Another con of the A3 is no NFC, so no Android Pay. A very bizarre omission for an Android One device..

    They did include an IR blaster however! An increasingly rare feature in a 2019 smartphone.

    Have also heard some conflicting reports on the accuracy of the in-display fingerprint reader, see here.

    If ‘budget, stock android’ were at the top of your priority list, id probably still be looking at the likes of Nokia and Motorola.


    Nokia = shyte performance at that price point. So Nokia is not a good choice - at least this will perform ok. I have read most of the nokia reviews except the new ones - 7.2 and 6.2 which were just released.

    NFC is not a big deal - just use your card in the wallet.

    Would love someone to show me a phone with NFC at this price point and compare performance.

  • This is the absolute best phone on the market for this price if you can live with the inscreen fingerprint.

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