expired [PC] STARCRAFT II Battle Chest $18.17 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not sure people still play this game or not
EB is selling for 30 something.
Wings of Liberty is free online, so essentially you are paying for 2 other campaigns


Full Campaign: Wings of Liberty®
Full Campaign: Heart of the Swarm®
Full Campaign: Legacy of the Void®
Multiplayer: All Modes, Maps and Units
Seven Co-Op Commanders: Raynor, Kerrigan, Artanis, Swann, Zagara, Vorazun, Karax
Arcade: All Community-Made Games
Bonus: Also includes Artanis in Heroes of the Storm®

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    Best deal I have seen for the entire SC2 collection.

    I think Wings of Liberty was $3 once at some clearance Big W or Target sale but other than that this is the best price for everything.

    I paid full $89.95 just because I love blizzard and Starcraft holds a very dear spot in my heart.

    First real series I probably truly fell in love with after the Command and Conquer series.

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        To be fair I could not wait any longer for a price drop and I had been waiting since Starcraft 2 was announced.. that was a long time ago.

        Had over a year of fun since then especially the custom maps.

        I admit I did not hodl until this deal but if you still don't have this game this is a great deal to get into it but I mean eventually this will be sub $10 AUD eventually just depends how many more years you can hold on to save a few dollars.


      I hear ya. I spent alot of time on StarCraft and Warcraft back in the day. Truly magical games


        Still waiting for their spiritual successors any day now.

        Otherwise I may start making it honestly with my own twist in the mix.

        One of the few genres that I just can't get sick of but we need more stuff to play around with because content gets used up fast.


          I’m seriously debating about buying Warcraft 3 reforged. If I get enough friends buy it I’d probably get it as well.


            @SlappersOnly: I preordered it because it is literally the only RTS I have hope for that might be half decent and I am really only interested in RTS preorders atm.

            I love age of empires but custom maps in age of empires was not the same as warcraft 3 different in a lot of ways.

            There is the command and conquer remake but no idea when that will release or even be properly announced just whispers and very early stage screen shots at the moment.

            Can't think of another RTS that is either waiting for a revival or has a lot of players.. It is all Blizzard and Microsoft dominated atm.

            Anno 1800 is the closest thing we got to a real RTS release this year.

            Lots of 4X turn based games and tactical strategy games but none that are really true to the classic base building unit spawning genre.

            Steam has some gems that are trying but they all lack in some way or another so we are going to have to rely on the big guys to bring us back home.

            Desperate times right now in the classic RTS genre very desperate times we only need one or two good titles to unite us all and revive the dead RTS gamers once again and for all.

            I hope it is something medieval or dark/high fantasy based but I can live with it being a generic modern or futuristic military or sci fi.


      Command and conquer + red alert remastered are in development!


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    still a great game if you like real time strategy and resource management ….we still play it sometimes.

    no in-app purchases or subscriptions ….just buy and play


    Blizzard bargains are rare; this is good value at just over $10 USD.

    I'm still waiting for a price drop on Diablo 3; hopefully Amazon can deliver some time before Christmas.

    Don't forget cashback: https://www.shopback.com.au/amazon-australia


    No longer at that price.


    Now $23.29, but I bought it anyway. Loved the original.


    I clicked "Go To Deal" and it is $29.48

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