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LEGO Millennium Falcon UCS (75192) $899 C&C @ David Jones


DJs has 25% off all Lego, but this set gets an extra larger discount - a flat $400 off (over 30%)!!

As it's DJ official website, you can combine with Shopback / Cashrewards for further rebate of up to $45 (Shopback @ 5% - CR has 3.5% rate), so brings down to $854.05.

It's almost on-par with Myer's famous "double discount sale" (when Myer combined a sale price + eBay discount code ($832 end price) in Aug)!!

RRP is $1299. Click & collect only.

Note: the price shows as full price on listing, but as in item notes, the $400 discount is applied when added to your cart.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • If you have access to DJs gift cards at 10 percent off this is even better.

  • I'm certain all two of their stock will sell out soon.

  • This is something i can never have…

    as a kid my mum wont buy it for me…
    as an adult my wife wont let me…
    when i get old… i'll probably feel guilty buying it so it'll end up as a present for my grandson.

    • i'm gonna put in my Memorial Service's instructions, I shall be buried with one to take with me to the heaven

    • Fantasizing of owning one is good enough for me.

    • I look forward to the day I can pirate this by 3d printing all the necessary parts at a high enough resolution that it doesn't look like I 3d printed it.

  • Amex Vogue spend $50 get $20 deal finishes today (or just do what I do and get $50 gift cards).

  • Click & Collect only and no stores in NSW.

  • Chazzozz 37 min ago
    I'm certain all two of their stock will sell out soon.

    He is right maybe 1 or 2 in remote areas but should be shredded this deal by mods .

  • As a kid I had a Millennium Falcon on Lay-Buy but sadly never got to pay it off. This may have been the main motivation 40 years later to pay the large sum of money to buy and build this kit with my son. It is a lot of money, but building this thing is an real experience. Lego have done a great job - the detail is incredible!

  • Considering the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer was announced, I think this retire soon. Good time to pick it up if you are thinking about it.

  • Pity they dont have any Porsche 911 RSRs :(

  • There are so many of this set floating around and being made I feel like their prices will eventually crash

  • +3 votes

    Just think how many poor little orphans you could feed for the price of this.

    • Yeah, bargain here for a bit of plastic, then people complain about the prices of an $800 cutting edge computer in your pocket

      I think Apple is in the wrong business

      • -2 votes

        I don't buy Apple crap, as i'm not stupid, otherwise i would also complain. The Phantom loves to complain.

  • I bought one on the last sale for $875, worth absolutely every cent if you're a lego fan. This is a ridiculous amount of lego, and honestly the price will probably go up in a few years if they ever stop producing them. My partner and I have put in at least 15 hours and are just over half way. It's such a good after work relax activity :)

  • Doesn't seem you can add to cart anymore

  • Bugger they don't have the Lego Mustang

  • Is it a high yield investment? Going by how often it shows up here, I'm not sure it is now. Haha

  • Out of stock. Cannot add to cart online anymore.