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[VIC] Free Big Yum Pies @ Coles Express on Friday


R U OK OB? If not then here is freebie for you.

Coles Express offer for this Friday- 13th September, all day.

FREE Big Yum pie.

When at the checkout, say the magic word is FOOTY and that you heard this on Triple M radio.

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    Just heard on MMM that if you hop and spin around whilst you say "FOOTY" that they will give you a free coke too…

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      And I heard that if you shout it out loud enough, they'll upsize the free coke to 1L!

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        From the last time, someone mentioned that if you enter the store naked, they'll discount your fuel bill by 50%. Worth a try ???

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          Can confirm that this works.

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          I heard you get taken to the nearest station and get to collect $200

  • Haha :). Does anyone know if the pies are any good?

      • Thanks, but I don't have an issue with eggs. Any idea about the taste?

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          They're free tomorrow. Try one and let us know.

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            @jv: Not all foods are worth the calories. Don't care that it's free if it tastes like crap. Given that I'd have to walk a middling distance to get to a Coles Express, I won't bother unless it's any good.

            Otherwise I'll just end up wasting something that some other ozbargainer ( or even gasp a non-ozbargainer) might have used.

            "Save the planet - stop farting"

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    I thought it was KFC Zinger pie at first. :))

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      at Coles Express ?? Why?

  • why is this only in VIC ?

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      Eddie McGuire gets them to sponsor the Melbourne MMM breakfast show

  • The pies taste great. Im fussy.

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      Hi fussy I'm burty1992

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        So is it fussy or polar or bipolar?

    • Pies!

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    may contain traces of meat

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    Maybe too early but I wasn't successful. It went like this:

    Me: Footy…
    Attendant: What?
    Me: Footy…
    Attendant: What about it?
    Me: You do know footy?
    Attendant: Yes…
    Me: Well, I’m mentioning it.
    Attendant: Why?
    Me: Because… you know…
    Attendant: No, I don’t know.

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      Haha! Seinfeld

    • Next time try Kramer instead of footy

  • no issues getting one just then, thanks op

  • Just got one in lygon st. Thanks OP.

  • Is it whole day guys? I'm at work and would like to grab one on my way home 😎

  • Just got mine. Good stuff.

  • Any free pies this Friday?