[Unobtainable Deal] LEGO Millennium Falcon UCS (75192) $764 sign up for a New David Jones Card for extra 15% off (Pick up Only)

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Hi Guys, credit to the previous poster

Just bought this for $764 from Malvern, Vic

For new sign ups guys, Sign up for David Jones loyalty cards and get an extra 15% off

Some left in Bourke street.

Thanks op for the great deal.

Mod: Moved to forum as unobtainable deal. There's also no stock left in Malvern so it's not possible to ask the store/staff member for the same deal regardless of the details.

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  • Well that's by far and away the cheapest the UCS Falcon has ever been in Australia. I honestly didn't think it could go lower than $831.97.

    This works out to about 10 cents per brick, whereas the Lego average is 17 cents per brick for most sets (in AUD). That might just be a record.

  • Can’t wait and had approval from the minister of War and Finance…..

    Hope this deal helps those holding off.

  • What's a David Jones Card Membership? Do you mean sign up to their American Express card (David Jones Card Members), or sign up to their Rewards program?

  • Good find OP!

  • Sorry, in my excitement it wasn’t clear, just their normal membership card.

    • That's not a card. It's a (shit, in my opinion, compared to the Myer equivalent) loyalty program and there's no physical card. Unless they conned you into signing up for a DJs Amex …

      Source: ex-DJs staff

    • Do you sign up in store or can you sign up online and C&C?

    • There’s no 15% on their membership card. You’re talking crap.

  • Ok, thanks for that… not stressed, got a Millenium Falcon for $764 and hopefully those holding off can too. Cheers

  • Would you mind elaborating? There’s an additional 15% discount for DJs members?

  • How do you get the extra 15% off? Is it for new sign ups for the loyalty program? Or does it apply to existing members too?

  • But there is a gap in the front. ;P

  • So I can get a normal DJ membership get 15% off and use gift cards for around another 10% off ?

  • You must mean the DJS Amex ‘membership’ card.. the worlds most use(less)full credit card

    • To be fair, if you get it for free and shop heaps at DJs, it does have its benefits but yeah I wouldn't pay $99/year for it

      Disclosure: I get it for free and worked for DJs in the past

  • Just to elaborate, buy it in store and sign up for a new David Jones membership card in store to qualify for the extra 15% off bringing it down to $764.

    I bought mine over the phone and am signing up once I receive the paperwork. The sales lady is then going to refund me the difference once I receive the card. None left in Malvern unfortunately.

    Not sure about the additional 10% off with gift cards but I’m sure it’s worth a try.

    • There IS no membership card. There's no paperwork involved in signing up for the Rewards program. The lady sounds like she's trying to flog you a David Jones Amex and sending you the application form with her SAN on it so she can get $50 for opening a card.

      Sounds like you got conned.

      • As Eddie Murphy sang in delirious “ got me an ice cream and you don’t have one “ ….. she deserves the $50 .. she was fantastic, all done over the phone, free delivery and she emailed me photos of the box to ensure it was perfect.. now time to buy the LED lighting kit….

        • So you're going to open a David Jones American Express card and pay $99/year for it, then? Because that's what the paperwork sounds like. You don't get a physical card if you're signing up to the free David Jones Rewards program.

    • What paperwork is involved with a membership card? If I recall you just needed to provide an email, address and phone number.
      Sounds like she meant the DJs AMEX card, which often offers an extra discount?

    • Are you referring to this?

      Or a djs credit card?

  • Bought this on release and I still haven't made it

  • If I buy this, I will need to be asked 'R U Ok?'

  • David Jones rewards card …..

    • You did well maybe with this : Enjoy a Welcome Reward and an annual Birthday Reward.

      I think you inspired some to join the party :)

      • +2 votes

        It’s $10 for the welcome. Not 15%.

        • You could be right that why I used maybe . Another possibility : Access to exclusive member offers and surprises.

          OP stated only signed up for this card .

    • There's no reward "card" mate, only the reward program.. The heck are you talking about?

  • Anyone able to check for stock in Canberra, I can't find how to on the page

  • Hi guys,

    Just checked.

    Yes this is the David Jones Amex deal, so with the purchase you should reduce the initial fee to $25.00 from $99.00 with the 15,000 bonus points on sign up. So my plan is to claim the points and then cancel the card once I get the extra 15% off and refunded .

    Sorry, was given a bum steer in a way but I guess this may be a way of saving an additional $110.00


    • Darn no party : (

    • You have to spend $750 on your card within the first three months to get the bonus points. I hope you have this 15% extra discount in writing in your e-mails because it sounds like she's being unethical (not the first time a DJs sales assistant has been dodgy when flogging the DJs Amex)

  • Become friends with DJ staff member and you get extra 20% off price (they need to use their staff discount membership though)

    LEGO items are 20% off for staff members, including sale items.

    Source: partner works for DJ. Can post screenshot later if ppl don’t believe me. I don’t need one so didn’t buy, but had in my cart for $719.xx

    Edit: Just tried generating a screenshot but items seems to be sold out everywhere or cannot be click-and-collect anymore. You’ll have to take my word for it… or not :)