Pure Blonde Organic Lager 330ml $10.90 ($9.90 for Members) Per Pack of 6 @ Dan Murphy's


Enjoy :)

Rich golden colour with notes of apple wood and floral hops are carried through with a malty palate. A certified organic lager with a refreshing, clean finish.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


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    For those that are particular about how fiery their Blonde is, kindly note that the alcohol content for the Organic Blonde is 4.0% as opposed to Regular Blonde which is 4.6% … enjoy :-)


      Pure Blonde has been 4.2% for years now buddy, don't believe everything you get off google


    You know a beer manufacturer is clutching at straws when it uses "organic" as a point of differentiation!

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      I'd agree except that pure blonde is still easily one of the top selling beers, at least in NSW. Although I imagine it was just a point of differentiation for the cider which they discontinued the regular one and made it organic instead.

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    Aren't all beers organic?

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    R U OK Ozbargainers?