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I have bought multiple items using the Shopback app that I do not get the Cashback on, I bought a Lenovo laptop on the 8th of August and it is not showing as a refund, it is not showing that I have bought any items from Lenovo. Are they are scam site, has anyone else got the cashback from buying the laptop from Lenovo?

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    I've had no problem.

    Perhaps you should try reaching out to them first.


    I've not have any major problem, I've had 2 small rejections. But mosts of my larger pruchases have no problem.

    They are slow to track and authorise, very slow.

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    Not a scam. You should contact the rep here.

    1. You should click the link from shopback before adding item to cart.
      I find it's most reliable through browser + shopback addon, as I know the cash back is activated through the addon.
    2. Check their T&C, they don't give cash back to none shopback approved promo code: I.e. Code from TA since he is associated with cash reward.
    3. Again, in T&C, different category of items has different cash back percentag. Check if yours is not eligible?

    Probably not a scam, It just their system is not as good when it comes to tracking. I've used ShopBack a couple of time and it has never worked. Not worth the time contacting support. However, CashRewards has always worked every time with no issues.

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    Look like I am not getting the cashback on my Lenovo

    “I have checked your order and based on the system records, there was no click through from your account to Lenovo on 08/08/2019; hence there was no cashback tracked.”

    It was the main reason I bought the laptop from Lenovo. Could have got the laptop cheaper without Shopback only a few days later. Live and learn, don’t trust Shopback.

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    Merged from ShopBack Issues with NordVPN

    Brought a 3 year NordVPN subscription when it was 86% cashback. Followed their instructions and nothing showing up, even after 3 weeks.

    Raised an support issue and still waiting to hear back. It is quite a substantial sum of money to lose in the process and I would have thought they would be in contact and updating the case, but so far nothing. There is not even an address in Australia to take them to VCAT.

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