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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug 20-Ounce Slate Gray (600mls) $34.77 + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Lightning deal on Amazon. See previous deals for discussion. Excellent thermal flask for a decent price.

Also available, Zojirushi SM-SD60BC Stainless Steel Mug, 20-Ounce, Silky Black $36.07


  • Heat retention: 88˚C at 1 hr./ 73˚C at 6 hrs.
  • Cold retention: 8˚C at 6 hrs.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel
    5 year warranty on heat retention
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    The Camels show this is not such a great price…..

    • From Camelx3:

      Lowest Price | $42.36 | 2 months ago

  • Does it do anything besides hold water?

    • +3

      It can also hold jelly.

    • I did see one (US) review which said something along the lines of…I like how this keeps my beer cold and doesn't attract the attention of the police when I'm drive, like an open can does.

      It'd be good to keep wine cold & soup hot. What were you thinking?

    • keep your soft drink cold

      • +1

        Don’t put soft drink in a vacuum flask. Or at least don’t be the one opening it.

        • +4

          shake well before consume

  • why it wants to charge me $44.82?

    • No in-store pick-up available. 😆

  • the delivery fee let me down:-(

  • +2

    I hear Zojirushi are the bees-knees.

    If you can't wait and don't want to spend the dough. Costco has twin packs of Contigo Couture 20oz water bottles for $20

    These babies

    And $30 for a twin pack of Contigo west Loops 16oz (if you prefer to sip from a bottle)


    • I have a Thermos coffee mug and wife has a Contigo. They're both great at retaining heat. If you're after something cheap and simple but still excellent, get the Contigo, as Thermos is a bit more expensive. Get the Zojirushi if you just want the best.

  • +1

    I have got one of those. I think it's worth the money.

  • If you add something from the usa to bring it above $40 aud, its free delivery.

    • $49?

      • +2

        1 of: Command Picture Hanging Strips, Large, Black, 4-Pairs (17206BLK-ES)
        Sold by: Amazon US (seller profile)

        Condition: New
        1 of: Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug 20-Ounce Slate Gray
        Sold by: Amazon US (seller profile)

        Condition: New

        Total: $50.16
        Promotion(s) Applied: -$10.55
        Grand Total: $39.61

        • Thanks, I end up got the uni ball 207 4 pack for $4.93.

  • +1

    Just buy two and get free delivery. Best if you want to give a gift that actually gets used.

    Keeps hot water hot and cold water cold. Suggest to only hold water so you don’t have to wash the bottle as much as it is a thinner opening.

  • +2

    Thats a lot of money for another one of these things

    • I’ve used mine almost everyday for 2 years, still going strong.

  • 35 bucks. What a mug.

    • Yeah you put one spoon of water in and after one hour is full of vodka

  • -1

    Its kind of expensive, I was in China recently and scored this for about 50 RMB which is around $10 AUD and it hold 300mls. Its prefect keep my water hot or cold for a long period. https://miniso-au.com/en-au/product/15826/miniso-lightweight...

    • +1

      The lid: PP
      Mouth: PP



    • +1

      Yeh but it's not a Zojirushi, though.

      You can buy a Hisense TV for half the price of an LG, but it's not an LG.

      • You can buy an LG for half the price of a good TV also.

    • bought one from china before aswell, complete rubbish compared to zojirushi. china ones would leak heat where the entire thermos would get hot, drink was cool after a hour. whereas zojirushi was still hot after 10hours.

  • How does this compare to the sistema at woolies? I love mine, put ice cubes and water in and lasts all day

    • +1

      Yon need to drink more water if it lasts all day. Should be refilling it at least a few times. Assuming it is less than 500ml.

  • -2

    37 decent price. Am I still on Ozbargain?

    • I gave you a vote up, thats what I thought, I been looking at these for a while myself and believe something like this should be price around the $20 to 25 dollar mark instead.

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