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20% off all Salt-Free BBQ Dry Rubs (e.g. Pitmaster's Powder $4.79/75g) + $4.99 Post (Free $25+) @ SpiceSource.com.au


One of the better deals from Spice Source.

Spice Source is Australian-based and new to the barbecue dry rubs scene but have a great range of well blended, salt-free (and occasionally sugar-free) rubs usually containing only herbs/spices (2-3 rubs include sugar for bark/texture).

Most other commercial rubs are filled with salt, but Spice Source have kept salt away from theirs so that you're not wasting money on salt which is already cheap, to avoid doubling up on salt (e.g. salt from dry-brining vs salt from other rubs) and/or to control your salt intake.

Apply the code at checkout to score 20% off.
$4.99 flat-rate shipping or free shipping for orders $25+

Pitmaster's Powder barbecue dry rub 75g $5.99 now $4.79
Beauty and the Beef barbecue beef rub 50g $9.99 now $7.99
Mountain Lamb barbecue lamb rub 50g $6.99 now $5.59
Raise the Steaks barbecue beef rub 50g $8.99 now $7.19
For the Birds poultry dry rub 50g $6.99 now $5.59
Italian Seasoning 40g $6.99 now $5.59
Red Dust homemade chilli powder 50g $13.99 now $11.19
Poultry Seasoning 50g $8.99 now $7.19
Big Fish barbecue fish rub 50g $13.99 now $11.19

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