Paid for 2014 New Car Got 2012

In 2014 I signed a $50,000 VW Finance lease agreement with an option to pay out balloon, after three years, for a 2014 dealership registered and insured vehicle.

Whilst paperwork seemed excessive and varied, three different invoices, each stating a different purchase price. The Lease Contract I signed did accurately list the purchase price but did not list the model production and completion dates. As I had rego and CTP in hand I agreed to sign and paid my payments weekly.

In 2015 I had a headlight fixed at DeeWhy VW and mechanic advised car was in fact a 2012 model not a 2014 model. I immediately contacted VW Finance who confirmed all documentation rego, insurance and contract/purchase docs state 2014 model. A few days later, i received an email stating my Comprehensive car insurance updated to reflect 2014 model, in-line with VW Finance docs. I assumed at this point the issue was resolved and vehicle was a 2014 model.

In 2017 my lease was about to expire, VW Finance provided loan application confirming model year as 2014 and I commenced regular payments, approx $23,800.

August 2019, I decided I would upgrade, so I set about preparing car for sale. Service mechanic pointed out that my car is a 2012 model and not a 2014 model. This time I physically took vehicle to RTA service yard and they confirmed I purchased a 2012 model VW and not the 2014 as advised and documented by VW Botany Road, Mascot. I had been charged $50,000 in 2014 for a 2012 model VW. I also expect the thousands of dollars paid for insurance policies not relevant to the actual vehicle would never have been valid. Thank goodness nil claims!

Looking to understand if I am entitled to any form of compensation! I am definitely not going to clear my balloon cost and I never received what I had well and truely paid for.

PS Apologies for first post - I was deleriosly tired!

Thanks All

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    Are you sure it's a 2012? Have you checked the build plate or done a VIN search?


      prod date on documentation 2012 - Completion Date 2014 - inside passenger door plate reads 2012.

      Provided with three different total purchase

      March 2014 Initial lease Contract for the purchase of new MV reads model IF84S3/12, Comp Date - nil details, Prod Date - Nil details, VIN nil detail $47,780 balance to be settled - $4091.00 gst andStamp Duty base on $45,100.00 Finance Tax invoice reads $49,500 plus $500 Deposit. Which is what I paid. I was also charged a$2740 delivery fee for a vehicle that was already in yard.

      FORM 4 warranty refers to VW date of manufacture 2012.

      Rego reads 2014 VW.

      CTP 2014 VW.

      In 2017 received loan morg chattel stating loan for 2014 VW. I contacted VW Finance to ensure all documentation reads 2014.

      Now in 2019 loan nearly paid out and again I am advised by different mechanic that vehicle is a 2012 model.

      Hope this clarifies my situation.

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    You didn't know there was a balloon with the lease? Where was the car for 2 years presuming it was still brand new?


      I was aware of balloon at end of lease and choose to proceed with purchase of 2014 vehicle. I have only recently been advised car is in fact a 2012. I believe car was a dealership vehicle prior to purchase.


    What does the sale invoice say you bought?

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      It says "please confirm with OzBargain"


      I received three invoices in total:

      March 2014 Initial lease Contract for the purchase of new MV reads model IF84S3/12, Comp Date - nil details, Prod Date - Nil details, VIN nil detail total $49,500 dep $500 paid.

      Additional invoice $47,780 balance to be settled - $4091.00 gst and Stamp Duty based on $45,100, basically a more detailed invoice - prob is gst and stamp do not reflect price paid for vehicle.

      Form 4 Warranty - States vehicle sold for $46,640.

      So various total purchase price documented, gst based on a $40,000 sale, stamp based on &45,100.


    Dont sign a contract that you dont understand. When organising a loan you should be fully aware of all your commitments. Car loans are relatively simple with some basic research

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    There will be a build date and a compliance date. You will probably find the build date is 2012 and the compliance date is 2014.

    Most distributors won't attach a compliance plate until the vehicle leaves the holding yard. VW/Skoda do this and I'm sure many others do but it's only noticable on low volume / unpopular vehicles. I know my car has a Nov 2007 build date and a June 2008 compliance date.
    There are a heap of Skoda Roomsters out there that have over 3 years between build and compliance (and were sold for a song).

    Of course, when selling the dealer will say the compliance date is all that counts… until you go to trade-in and then the build date is important.

    The RTA doesn't "check" the compliance plate when registering the car. They use the dealership paperwork and never see the car.

    Have you got a case? I have no idea as your post is too confusing to tell. If you feel really strongly and think you are out of pocket by thousands then see a solicitor.

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      Of course, when selling the dealer will say the compliance date is all that counts… until you go to trade-in and then the build date is important.

      Haha, yep this. Had that argument with a dealer before.

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        Wonder what they say when you come back with "If build date doesn't matter, give me one for the current year?"

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          You are at liberty to do that but the price might be different or you may have to wait if you are in QTR1.

          I got my car for ~$6k less because it was last years build.

          Holden are doing 2018 Commodore (possibly some 2017 stock around as well) for crazy cheap prices for what they are.

          I know when Skoda bailed out of the Roomster they sold the old stock for $10k under RRP and they sold all the stock in 2 weeks.

          So if you think your discount is pretty good, maybe look at the build date AND the compliance date.

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            You are at liberty to do that but the price might be different or you may have to wait if you are in QTR1.

            Then if you have to pay more you have demonstrated there IS a difference though :P

            If you got a $6k discount looks like at least your dealer wasn't trying to push the build date doesn't change anything

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              @knobbs: I knew what I was getting. 11 glorious years later and the difference between build & compliance means almost nothing.


                @brad1-8tsi: The Roomster was a great car. A bit different in the looks department, but incredibly practical. Bought mine cheap 2nd hand and so glad I didn't wear the initial depreciation. Only sold it because the DSG clutch pack was replaced at 45k and didn't feel like it would last another 45k.


                  @Densor: I'd have one.
                  You can make them less weird looking if you paint the A & B Pillar to match the C-pillar between the rear glass. Hard to explain but I've see it and it works quite well


          End of Line, I believe! Calling VW, Botany Road, Mascot or VW Finance or VW Insurance. I’ll take any current model! Kangaroo proofing required!



      Willing to bet it's the difference between build and compliance.

      Would be nice if OP added info of both


      Thanks, very helpful!

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    Another story of signing paperwork you didn't understand, not doing your own checks/due diligence, and then claiming you were "cheated".

    Frankly, this is a textbook example of economic Darwinism.

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    VW's are best served with lemonade


    You have paperwork saying it's a 2014 and a mechanic's verbal telling you it's a 2012… maybe it's a "2012 model" as in that's the last time it was refreshed?

    Check what year it actually is first.

    Also balloon payments are… standard. If it's a 2012 model year car, then you would've been cheated there, but it'd be incredibly hard to pass off a 3 year old car as anything near-new which is what the dealer apparently did if that's the case.


      End of the day I was a salesman’s dream! Dealer and finance team worked hard to complicate a very simple transaction, their intention being to confuse me and that’s what they did. I paid $50,000 inc gst for 2012 vehicle worth maybe $30,000 - $35,000.

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      Wish I could select refresh! I’d wipe 2014 for sure! I think I’ll simply report matter to ACCC. Thanks

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    I'm in 2019. Hi.

    Posted 12 hours 12 min ago
    Member Since 13 hours 2 min ago

    Another drifter not coming back I think.


      Apologies, This drifter now lives in central NSW and spent two hours preparing a very detailed summary of events when storm, lightening and black out shut me down and wiped my content. Appreciate your advice and patience.


    Have tried contacting the dealership? What did they say?


    I was hoping to get some advice before approaching dealer. It’s pretty clear to me now that car is in fact a 2012 model.


      Look, "technically" it is a 2014 plated vehicle. Because that is based of the compliance plate, not the build plate. Has the dealership done anything illegal, I don't believe so. You signed a contract with the correct VIN, therefor it is a legal sale. Is it a bit underhanded, yeah sounds like it. Have you got a leg to stand on for some sort of recourse, no.


    Build Year VS Model Year -

    in short;

    MY stands for Model Year and refers to the model cycle that the car is in, not essentially the year it was built. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to have a car that was built in 2017 but is labelled MY18 due to an update or revision of the model since the MY17 edition.


    Anyone else go and check the build date and compliance plate on their own car after reading this thread, or just me? Elantra, build date September 2017, compliance date October 2017.


      Most cars should be like that. Imports can be within a few months if coming from the US. Euros, if they've been sitting on the docks for a while will have bigger differences. Locally made cars will have build and compliance within the same month

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