Bought Gigabyte GPU, Got Declined Twice for The 2 Free Games Promotion

I recently bought an RTX 2060 for my PC build and Gigabyte had a promotion where RTX cards could score two free games, Wolfenstein and Control. The end date of the promotion is the 18th of September.

They rejected my claim the first time I submitted, citing that the invoice wasn't clear enough (I went into PayPal to get my eBay invoice). I sent them the same invoice again. Again, was rejected on the same grounds.

The email told me to ensure the invoice was clear and that the purchase date was within the promotional period (which both criteria I've met).

I've had a read of the T&Cs, it mentions that only authorised local resellers are eligible.

I purchased mine from techmall on eBay which doesn't appear to be on their list. I'm thinking that's the reason why they've rejected me twice? I didn't know until I properly read the T&Cs.

Anyone else been in this position or have tried to claim the two free games?

Here's the link to their authorised stockists.,,1-1,1-1,1-1


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    Techmall not being on the list may be the issue, but you are also submitting the wrong invoice. You need to provide a tax invoice from Techmall.

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    I bought a Gigabyte RTX2080 from Shallothead on eBay, who give you a tax invoice via email, and no problems getting the 2 free games.

    Also a Paypal receipt is not a tax invoice. Ask Techmall for a proper tax invoice.

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    I went into PayPal to get my eBay invoice

    You'll have to message the seller for the actual Tax Invoice. (Check your junk box, as some companies automatically sends an invoice upon payment)

    I purchased mine from techmall on eBay which doesn't appear to be on their list.

    Tech.Mall eBay is apart of PC Byte, which is on the authorised reseller list.


    Try searching your email for something from "Gaming City". Whenever I've purchased something from TechMall, I've received the invoice in an email from Gaming City within about 15-30 minutes of the eBay purchase confirmation.


    Is this the promo through Nvidia? I will be building my PC tonight with 2070 Super and hope this works.


    Tax invoice needs the businesses ABN.