Budget - $1500 - Mid/High Tier Gaming PC

Was checking the Forums and saw that there has been a lot of help in the past with these kind of queries and I'm looking for some direction with what I should be aiming for with my first build.

Basically looking to build my first PC, will mainly be using it for gaming (coming from PS4 looking for an upgrade/ability to mod) with web browsing/watching media on the side.
Is there any recommendations for what I should be looking at? Or where the best place is to compare prices of parts?

I've had a little hands on experience with taking apart/putting together a PC but I wouldn't say I'm hugely confident about it but excited to give it a go.


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    You've asked an extraordinarily general question, so apologies if the answer is also somewhat general in nature.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Decide what games you want to play, on what monitor (resolution/refresh rate) at what quality. Read up on what graphics card you'll need to do that, and then price everything else around that graphics card requirement, then:

    1. CPU - currently the most popular (for good reason) is AMD Ryzen 3 CPUs.
    2. Motherboard - Generally for something of this price-range you won't need an AMD X570 chipset, but compare X470 vs X570 motherboards to see if you want the extra bells and whistles.
    3. PSU - something 550-650W, 80PLUS, as high on this list as you can afford (for your budget, around $100): https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1045610-new-psu-tier-li...
    4. At least 16GB of RAM at this price-point, check motherboard and CPU compatibility; and
    5. At least 1TB of NVMe SSD.

    PC Partpicker is pretty useful. Use this as a rough starting point:


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    Have you reallyyyyy checked the other posts?

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    PCCG just put together a build.
    Ryzen 3600
    16gb ddr4 3000mhz
    500gb Samsung 860 evo Sata SSD
    B450 Motherboard
    Super flower 650w 80 plus Gold PSU
    Some cheap $55 case


    windows 10 key are cheap as, just run unactivated till you get a spare few dollars to buy a key.


    Dell via EBay


    2080 Super. The $1500 budget is just for GPU right?

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    Buy one of those techfast PCs and you're pretty much good to go. They do a decent job with the budget stuff, though some of the upgrade options are a bit overpriced