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[NSW] Free Pepsi Max Creaming Soda @ Central Station Sydney


They're handing cans out at the north eastern entrance, still had plenty left it seemed.

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  • Love the picture of central station. I studied it for a good 45secs before I realised I can't find anyone giving out cans 😅

  • I've never had a Pepsi Max Creaming Soda before. Does it taste nice?

    • This may seam like an obvious and weird statement, but no sarcasm intended. It tastes exactly like what you imagine a combination of Pepsi Max and Creaming Soda to taste like. Personally, as a fan of each, it's ok - but I prefer normal Creaming Soda and normal Pepsi Max. Kinda tastes like Vanilla Coke in a way to be honest, but not as good.

    • I'm not a big fan of regular Pepsi Max but I think I prefer this flavour. It hasn't got much fizz to it, however

    • Yeah, picture mixing Pepsi Max with Kirks Creaming Soda, that is the taste.

      • being serious here too
        does it taste like Aussie red creaming soda which is a bit creamy, vanilla or Asian green creaming soda?

        hopefully the later

    • I tried it. IMO, disgusting. Because it's Pepsi Max, it's sweetener flavour, not sugar flavour, and so now you have Creaming Soda flavour but instead of sugar it's sweetener flavoured Creaming Soda.

      And I even like Pepsi Max normally.

  • Yes it isnt actually half bad

    • Is it more than half bad?

      • About 50 50 but everyone's taste buds are different so i think its halfway to a good thing, but you might think its better than 50 possibly 51/49 where you preference lies is up to you.

  • Probably sugar free. Pepsi Max style, cancer, no thanks.

    • +2 votes

      cancer, no thanks.

      lots of organic compounds give you cancer.

    • Because sugar is just oh so good for you and has no negative health impact at all..

    • Actually that's one of those common knowledge things that science went back on - apparently artificial sweeteners aren't any more carcinogenic than just sugar.

      (But yeah - I remember as a kid learning about that too…)

    • Literally zero evidence that proves this.

  • They were handing out cans at Sydney University last week. Kinda makes sense no-one posted the deal - these are pretty bad.

  • I've tried this - doesn't tast like Pepsi Max or Creaming Soda or both mixed together lol

    • What's the closest analogy you can think of?

      Like coke energy tastes like someone didn't pour out someone's left over Red bull before adding some Coke

  • Wow
    More 90s nostalgia.

    When will we see crystal cola?

  • I like Pepsi Max
    I like creaming soda

    This was feral. We tipped the bottle down the sink.

  • Have tried all the variations of Pepsi Max we've had here. Vanilla my favourite, but this is good. Will buy again.

  • The cans we got given were super sweet compared to the bottle we tried, okay but prefer their raspberry flavour!

  • Bring back Pepsi Blue, you cowards!

  • That explains why I saw someone drinking one this afternoon.

    No promo company ever does anything at the Chalmers St/Devonshire St exits; it's always Eddy Avenue 😭

  • Tastes like musk sticks. I won't be buying another bottle.