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Olight Seeker 2 $111.96 (30% off, Was $159.95) Delivered & More @ Olight Au


The new product launch sale from Olight.

Seeker 2 and two new Limited Edition torches on sale. The Blue Seeker 2 and Desert Tan S1R II are limited editions.

Here are the main 3 deals:

  1. Olight Seeker 2 3000 lumen rechargeable LED Torch Black or Blue - $111.96 Delivered

  2. Olight Seeker 2 3000 lumen rechargeable LED Torch Black or Blue + I3T Desert Tan bundle - $115.14 Delivered

  3. Olight S1R Baton II Limited Edition Desert Tan - $64.97 Delivered

You can get up to 40% off, free shipping over $75 and a free gifts depending on order size.

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    I am not buying another Olight flashlight after mine broke down after a year of minimal use.
    Other Branded ones going strong. sorry for something that should last decades it was a very bad experience.
    Could be just a bad copy… but once bitten.. twice go with another brand.


      Hey Mate, Olight has 5 years warranty on their products and 1 year on accessories. Flick them an email, they should sort you out.


    I want the H1R Nova is that on special tomorrow?

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    It’s a shame olight don’t do more warm white offerings…


      It’s a shame olight more manufactures don’t do more warm white offerings…


      Also, would it hurt to add in a true sub-lumen mode? 0.1 or less, ideally with direct access from off. The OG S1 mini had it but nothing since


      Most people chase lumens and want whiter light. Sadly the warm whites generally don't sell as well. But as a user of warm white lights, they are the best for outdoors imho. Provides a warm ambience to the scenery and helps see things better as the colours don't get washed out by the white.


    What is the "a free gift depending on order size" ?

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