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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Black Console $462.95 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Playstation 4 Pro 1TB From Gamesmen Ebay, using PLANKTON code.Original Coupon Deal

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    I don’t know where Sony got the nerve to continue charging over $400 considering newer consoles around the corner.. PS4 Pro lacks 4K HDR Bluray which doesn’t make it a longer term investment, it’ll literally be obsolete in every sense of the word in a years time

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      I agree with you but….

      We don't know how the backwards compatibility will go (Sony could be holding this back so you buy ps4s this year - smart business decision ya gotta say) and Sony usually always launch with average titles that don't justify the expense (ps2 doesn't count - Was a lot of people's first dvd player - think the Matrix was played more on ps2 than games were till Oct /Nov 2001) so with all the good games still to come for the ps4 plus all the back catalogue, it makes purchase worth it.

      Of course they might be killing brand loyalty by selling you a ps4 /pro in November, just to announce you can play all those current games in a better capacity come the following November.

      I'd like to think selling it this expensive still, means backwards compatibility will be up to the game creators and we'll see titles updated like the xbone, which once again.. Makes the PS5 a niche product at launch (last of us fans not included)

      Does my half awake - half crazed rant make any sense?

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    Ozbargainers like me paid $360 ($400 through Amazon and then a 10% cash back) for the PS4 Pro back in Dec 2017.

    That was 2 yrs ago…

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      Good hardware always seems so much sweeter when it's cheaper.

      I meant to do that but my ps4 was fine till it wasn't


      I think this a newer version of the PS4 Pro. I remember seeing something about an updated fan system. I bought my PS4 Pro in 2017 for $350 and mine sounds like a jet engine when it runs an intense game. The newer ones are much quieter.


      I paid 420 at launch via ebay 20% of sale. The seller was not aware it would fly out like pancakes so kept jacking up the price lol.


    Sony has been lrice gauging hard this generation but they sell like hotcakes so they will keep doing it.

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    You buy this fortnite PS4 Pro + some random $1 item for $450 with the same coupon listed in OP
    example $1 item: mini stylus pen
    Negging because not the best deal, sorry OP


      That's a good deal, but unfortunately that's the Fortnite edition box. I'd prefer the original, for collection purposes.


        Fair enough but to most this would be worth something. Either for playing or reselling the extra content

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