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Mens Chino Pants Further Reduced to $7.50 @ Target


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    Checked store stock in my size - no stock in 20 nearest stores
    Not available in my size for most for C&C.

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      Store I checked had more stock than website showed.

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      2 of my local stores had plenty of stock at the time of the original deal, so it might be worth just visiting in-store. I didn't bother checking online first mind you.

      EDIT: Just checked online, my local still has plenty in my size (32), good thing I lost weight because all the 34's are OOS

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        Hi Click_It
        Yes stock systems are inaccurate.
        Was after $10 polo shirts from DJs (reduced from $50) to buy with $10 voucher for signing up to their Rewards. No stock showing. Went to local store & found a range. Got 2 free👍

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        Checked in store - only a few scanned @$7.50 & none were my size.

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      Midget discrimination.

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    No. I bought at 10.50

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      You mean "Noooooo! I bought at $10.50!!!".

  • I bought 2 pairs at $10.50 also

    • I bought 5 pairs. Not happy.

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        At least you found some in your size… much less likely now.

        • Yeah some sizes are not available when I checked. Still the OzBargain spirit in me is not happy lol

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    I bought 5 pairs at $10.50, surprisingly good fit. Not the best bloody amazing for $10.50 / $7.50.

    Also bought 11 printed T-Shirts for $2.10 each reduced from $10. Really happy with the quality of those too. Nobody seemed to like that deal for some reason.

    Goes well with the $3 shorts I stocked up on a few months back. All I need now is jackets/jumpers, they'll go on clearance in another 2 months or so.

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      ^^ Give this man OzBargain medal already!

  • Yay, holding off at 10.50 paid off. Now waiting for the $5 discount next week :(

    • Pity the Fool that paid $30

      • That would be me. I bought 3 pairs for $30 each.

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          Our thoughts are with you

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          Mr T says username checks out

    • But then you risk them running out of stock =)

  • Ordered. Just buy 3 and do click and collect - it doesn’t matter if the store hasn’t got the size, I think they do an internal store-to-store order.

    • Yes that's how it worked with my order.

  • What is the difference between these Chinos? Are they the same, just only wording are different?

    • I'm not sure I understand the question. They come in different colours, sizes and fit types (straight, slim, skinny, some stretch, some not)

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      Skinny are skinny
      Stretch are stretch.

      All the same except for shape, material and colour.

      • Whats the difference between skinny and slim? Stretch means longer?

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          Skinny has smaller calves.
          Stretch has elastane in the material

        • Skinny are the tightest fit, if you have big calves you might want to move up to Slim fit.
          Slim are a little looser without being baggy which is probably how Straight is. I bought Skinny & Slim. Wearing slim stretch right now, very comfy :)

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            @Click_It: Thanks everyone, now I know more about this skinny, slimmy and stretchy part of pants.

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            @Click_It: Yes correct. I bought some of each type for my husband and sons. The straight is fairly baggy in the legs. The skinny are really fitted, quite tight actually, and the slim are in between.

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          Stretch means longer?

          LOL. I think you must be right, I don't think it could possibly mean stretch fabric. 😋

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      size and shape differs greatly….you would need to try them in store….

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    Thabks got 3. My fashion budget sorted for the next 4 years

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      Your application to join my posse has been accepted.

  • Ahhh, only "limited stock". Will take a punt at click and collect and hopefully won't be told there's no stock.

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    1. Skinny = leg and butt hugging experience.
    2. Straight = loose tubes wrapped around each leg.
    3. Slim = makes u look slim in front of a mirror, without the leg and butt hugging.
    4. Stretch = slim, but fabric has elastane = u can do drop-kicks on zombies.
    • Wow, even more knowledge. Thanks, Mate

    • I take notes :)

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      This needs to be a sign in the pants department

  • Thanks mate, scored three pairs click and collect at Highpoint

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    I wish I didn't see this. Bought 7 pants last week. All washed, most worn and reciept binned.

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      You not alone.

  • Are they slim stretch or "slim stretch"?

    From photos it looks like the latter

  • No click n collect for me. Not worth shipping and stock is low too.

  • Target is leaving us :(

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      Only some of the under performing stores I believe. Similar to Big W’s situation.

  • anyon having problem with opening Target website?

  • Tempted to get a few more but I'm still waiting for my 2 pairs I ordered on the 7th :-(

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      Order and return if you don't like.

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    Thanks, got 2. Website said limited- check in store for stock, but there were plenty. Nearby jackets were also on sale for the same ($30 half price and half again). And I got some thongs for $1 too!

    • Thanks to your post I ended up grabbing some thongs too.

  • At my local Camberwell, it's 50% off all clearance mens, womens and babies clothing! Happy hunting everyone!

  • In store had much stock but not in my size. Online it basically said it had nothing. Still got some Bonds jocks for the son with the 50% off already reduced.

  • Bought 4 last time they were on sale for $10.50. They delivered 2 and said they would refund me for the other 2 due to insufficient stock.

  • Damn, last week I bought two pants $15 each:(

  • This is getting back to the sales of 2014/15 where they regularly had 75% off already reduced prices. The printed shirts were $1.50 in my shop today. As from the guy above, trousers sorted for the next 4 years!

  • Thank you !!

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    The Phantom bought 4 pair of pants for when he leaves the jungle and walks through the streets of the town like an ordinary man.

    Thank you OP.

  • My order - 1 cancelled so far….let’s see if the other 2 get fulfilled.

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    Is it me getting thinner or the size is actually larger than normal? Normally wearing 32-34, now looks like I have to wear 30

    • Yeah size varies greatly on these chinos….I tried few of them over weekends and none of them could be of good fit….

    • I have to wear 32 in these but can wear anywhere from 32,33 or 34 elsewhere so it's not just you.

      That said, these fit really nicely. Probably as good as some $40-50 pairs I've bought elsewhere I'm pleasantly surprised and glad I bought 5 of them, even if it was at the more expensive $10.50.

      I stocked up on a few more t-shirts too, now $1.50 each.

      • Seems also different measurement for different types. Eg. It is to tight for me for 30 for skinny stretch, but fit me for slim fit. Must be made at different manufacturer.

  • Bought two today at $7.50 in-store.

  • Went to pick mine up today in size 32 (black and sand colour). Despite selecting stretch fit, it feels like a straight cut! Size 32 is more of a size 33/34! Now I have to get them refunded.

  • Do these shrink a bit after first wash?

    • -1

      Mine seemed to hold their fatness.

      Bought two more last night - a very joyful experience for The Phantom.

      • Went to 2 targets yesterday and they only had size 40 left. The replacement line is out which looks exactly the same to me but is for $39.

        • -1

          The Phantom feels your pain.

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