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amaysim Unlimited Calls/SMS 10GB Data - $20 Per 28 Days (Existing Users)


Received this exclusive upgrade in my in-box tonight . Not a bad deal for light data users .

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    10Gb wouldn’t classify as light data usage in my books…

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    I received an upgrade offer $30 for 45GB of data.

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    So is this offer only available to already existing Amaysim customers?

    *All good, just seen its since been edited to “Targeted”

    Not a bad deal though, should keep their remaining half dozen or so customers happy 😉

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    I received $40 UNLIMITED 60GB plan


    Very competitive plan now.

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    Amaysim did a very annoying thing some time ago: They changed from a monthly billing to 28 day billing.

    Why? Because some smart person realised that over a year that would mean 13 bills instead of 12. So when you are comparing to other plans, it is actually not apples against apples.

    The other annoying aspect is that most mobile devices cater for data usage warnings on a monthly basis, not 4 weekly.