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Tenda Nova Mesh Router Wi-Fi System - MW6 (2 Pack) $108.80, MW3 (3 Pack) $103.20, MW3 (2 Pack) $71.20 Delivered @ Techmall eBay


Not the lowest historical price (or maybe it is? can't find anything cheaper including delivery for the MW6) but still extremely cheap. I've had my eye on these for a while and finally bit the bullet on 2x MW6 2-packs.

MW3 3-pack
MW3 2-pack
MW6 2-pack tech.mall jacked up the original price to $150 from $136

Original Coupon Deal

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    MW6 2 pack kit works so well


    Does the 2 pack mean two new points in the house in addition to the modem/router?


    anyone tried 4 units of the MW6? any speed loss compared to the 3 unit pack?


      Do you mean having a WiFi configuration like this:

      [BASE NODE] --10m--- [NODE 1] --10m--- [NODE 2] --10m--- [NODE 3]

      If so, then you can't really beat physics and the inverse-square law applies. If your base node gets 100mbs, the second one will get 50mbps, the third one will get 25mbps and the forth one will get 12.5mbps.

      In situations like that you're better off having an Ethernet back-haul for the different nodes rather than just connecting the different nodes to each other via WiFi. If you use an Ethernet back-haul, you'll get the full speeds on all the nodes.


        my face while reading something technical..

        my question was more around the speed diff (drop) in adding another node, rather than increasing/decreasing spacing between each node, if that makes sense? that is, given it is dual band and probably the 5g band will be shared between backhaul and client, will adding another node significantly weigh down the system?

        and no unfortunately eth backhaul is just a dream for us :/


    MW6 2 pack is 120 after the code. Am I missing something or did you make a mistake OP?


    Hi guys, so would the main node of this connect to your router?

    Currently i have NBN>Billion 7800nxl upstairs (with PC connected via cat5)

    I really need something closer to the tv/ps4/fetch downstairs as the stream quality often drops, and there are some really weak spots downstairs even though my townhouse is fairly small.

    Would I be better off with the MW3 (or a 3 pack of any mesh system?)

    NBN>Billion>MW3 upstairs
    2 nodes downstairs?


    Not being able to set static IP addresses is a showstopper for me.


    Really noob question - if I have x2 computers connected via LAN cable, this tenda nova won't be able to handle two LAN ports?

    Is it possible to connect the computers directly to the modem to work even though the modem is in bridge mode?

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